Saturday, June 4, 2011


Currently my wife is busy with her online business. For those who didn’t know what she’s been doing all this time, please have a look at these links:

  1. Naturactor.
  2. Japanese Textile.
  3. SK-Ⅱ

Or, the easiest way to get info about this is from facebook page “Make Up Collections”.

Honestly, I’m impressed with the way she’s doing her business.

In business, of course the main goal is to make profit as many as possible, including selling the items with high prices. The opposite happens for my wife. She’s careful when she wants to decide the prices. In Islam, it’s known that we can’t put 100% or higher profits on the selling items. Plus, she always makes sure that only original items are sold and those items are safely arrived to the buyers(harap2 pekerja Pos Malaysia sentiasa amanah bila hantar parcel).

The similar situation applies when we sell our weekly Malay food to the Malay community in Saidai(Saitama University). We do profit from selling the meal, but our main intention is to help Malaysia students here to get the opportunity to buy makanan melayu:)

Compared to myself, she’s more to doing business. Perhaps she inherits the business talent from her late father.

Maybe I should learn how to be a businessman. Macam Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w) kata,90% rezeki datang daripada perniagaan”.:)

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