Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Halal vs Haram

In Japan, you have to be careful when choosing your halal food. Especially when going out and you want to eat at the fast food restaurants. Obviously, beef and chicken are haram.

I looked for some info about this matter, and here is what I got:


  1. Lotteria : Vegetable oil is used for prawn hamburgers, potatoes and apple pies. The shortening contained in the bread for hamburgers is made by only vegetable oil.
  2. Kentucky : Vegetable oil is used for fish, potatoes' and apple pies separated from fried chickens. The shortening contained bread for hamburgers is made by only vegetable oil.
  3. Mr.Donut : Vegetable shortening and vegetable oil are used.


  1. McDonald : Lard is used as oil for cooking for fish burgers and potatoes.
  2. Mos Burger : Though vegetable oil is used for cooking, fish and potatoes are fried together with pork and other meats.

ps: These information are based on telephone contacts between Islamic Association of Nagoya and the head offices of each manufacturing company and factory.

pss: lard is fat from the abdomen of a pig that is rendered and clarified for use in cooking.

source: Islamic Association of Nagoya


  1. Oh... Thanks for the info. even though I never gone to Japan, I always wonder about the halal status of the food we used to eat in Malaysia at other countries.

    So, thanks for feeding my curiosity!


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