Sunday, July 25, 2010

BM and BI

I've just finished 2 important exams within a month, JLPT N1 and TOEIC. I think I've done well in both exams, especially TOEIC, where everyone goes into the exam halls without study it:P

For JLPT, it was the first exam being held after it changed to new format. Dulu panggil 一級, sekarang panggil N1. N stands for "new" and "nihongo". So, how was the N1? The JLPT website says that it is about the same level of ikkyu, but just a bit difficult. As for me, it was difficult in bunpo, goi and dokkai. For listening part, it was easy.

The result for TOEIC will be within a month from now. For JLPT N1, I expect the result will be out in early September.

Let's hope for the best!

ps: Good luck for my babysweet for the new semester!:)

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