Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is that makes sense?

I had a discussion with some of my friends about the political situation in Malaysia last couple of days. Some of us had different opinions regarding the oppositions, as well as the government as some of the promises that the apposition did does not make sense to us.

1. The reduction of fuel price as low as RM1.50 per liter
At the first glance, yes, it's kind of 'sangat menguntungkan rakyat' coz the price is very cheap, and I guess most people(who do not learn economics, or at least do not have some basic in econs) would be very happy with that. But hey, think about this, if they can reduce the fuel price, up to RM1.50 per liter, that means government has to subsidy almost 66.7%! That's impossible. Well, it's not impossible, but that's crazy. How can you subsidized up to 66.7% just for fuel? This is business, if we do not make enough profit, there's no way government can get profit in return as well. If the government cannot get profit in return, pendapatan negara pon terjejas jugak. I'm very sure, if the fuel price is as low as this, other thing would be very expensive. This is business, it's not badan kebajikan. Business aim is to get profit.

2. BTN should be stopped because it can cause the disunited of Malaysians
The opposition claimed the module in BTN cause this problem. They claimed BTN is a medium where the government 'brain wash' people to be on their side. They challenged the government to stop BTN if we want to realize 1Malaysia. They do not want to have any difference in anything, including education, politic, economy, etc. But look, when we suggest to close SJKC (Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina) and SJKT (Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil), and just having Sekolah Kebangsaan instead (only one type of school), so that we can educate the patriotism without having separated according to race in school, they are reluctant to do so. They said, race sentiment is very sensitive and cannot be touched. pulak dah?Kate nk sgt equal td?

3. They said we should unite as one entity- Malaysia.
They suggest there should be no distinction between Malays, Chinese, Indians, and other races as well. It's very similar to 1Malaysia concept. I kind of agree with this; but we have to remember, at some points, Malays have the priority with Hak keistimewaan melayu. And we all agreed this matter cannot be touched, and argued. We all know that. And even if, let say one day we demolish the hak keistimewaan melayu, and the Prime Minister is Chinese or Indian or any other races than Malay, I think they will also give the priority to their own race. But, history has told us to respect what happened in the past, and do not touch anything that we already agreed.

p/s: Anyways, why am I 'bebel'ing here again?
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