Friday, November 6, 2009


beware-this is a ranting from cikuniz

Lately all things around me have been keeping me busy. Lots of things to catch up, many unfinished tasks, useless time-spending, and dealing with variety of human problems.

Let’s see how I’m gonna do with all those things. I would say this time is not that hard. Handling MSAJ Futsal Tournament is not a heavy task, yet it’s taking my time a bit. I must finish it no matter what. It’s a responsibility I need to accomplish.

Sigh? I’d rather say NO at the first place~~

Then, I have JLPT exam-ikyuu, and there’s a mere one month to get prepared, which I’m studying it againts the clock, killing, using any spare time I have. I need to score, because I think I can do it. I have to be all set within one month, no less, please~

険しい?? haha this just an example. Some useless kanji I need to memorize. lol

I regret for I was so lazy. I should have started all the preparations long time ago. Sometimes I think I took the exam for granted, or I might have feel overconfident, bad, huh.

Help me to avoid that feeling ya Allah~Everything that I have comes from you, and you can take back anytime you want. Please give me strength, please give me your nikmat.

OK, how about my main studies-EE or 電電. Am I in a good shape? Actually, it’s still OK, but why I feel like I neglect my studies. Why I’m not taking it seriously, or even have and properly follow my own study schedule? Oh God, please Shahrul Nizam, get your act together. You need to overcome the challenges, you need to have strong and firm motivation.

I remember my mom, her mom, and my baby, they always say,

“buat pelan2, you can do it”

Yes, do it slowly. Be strong then.

How about my passion? Honestly, I really wanna play badminton actively. I wanna test my talent, and improve it from time to time. Badminton is the only sport I play with ultimate joy. Futsal is my fav too, but it’s sometimes stressful. Badminton isn’t. If I wanna play with satisfaction, I need to go to Tokyo, near Musashi-Koyama, an-hour-by-train. I can’t afford to go there so often.

Well, not everything was bad. Here, along with Saidaians, lead by Rahimi, we managed to set up a stall/gerai during むつめ際, a cultural festival in Saitama Uni. To be frank, I actually didn’t really care about how many profits we got, I just hope the activity could tie us closer, and we could feel the fun doing it together, no less no more. Anyways, thanks a lot to Rahimi, for make it happen. gets colder, so as my brain. I need to do a lot of programming in my lab. I’m not good at it. But I love to see my codings work. haha. Study becomes tougher and tougher. Time-management is really important. Less FBing, Youtubeing, and Stumbling is demanded. Could I resist it?


-Miss my time at SDAR

-The bestest good luck to my babygirl, and to my sis, Nina in both your final exams and SPM~

-Oh, I forgot, the best too for myself!!

-Maleh nye nak baito time sejuk2 camni..aishhh~~

-sorry for this rants.

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