Sunday, October 25, 2009


One thing about internet is, we can easily share our thoughts and life experiences, no matter where you are, what citizenship you have, or no matter what native language you speak.

I happened to click on this, from friends facebook, which I found very interesting and funny to read.

And here’s are few of my favs;

“Today, I was texting my boyfriend and he said he was hungry. I replied so was I. I called pizza hut and ordered a pizza and told them to deliver it to his house. In the next 20 minutes a pizza hut guy came to his door giving him a pizza already paid for. 5 minutes after he texted me thank-you, an ice cream truck pulled up in my drive saying have whatever you want. I love my boyfriend.MLIA”

I love my girlfriend. She always say to me, “you nakal nakal nakal!”":P

“Today, after several months of trying to get my hot neighbor's attention by dressing in pretty clothes and wearing make-up, I decided that it is a lost cause. This morning, I slipped into a pair of faded jeans and a white t-shirt and only wore lip gloss and was leaving my house to walk to Starbucks. I meet him in the hallway and Mr. Usually Oblivious says to me "You look pretty today," and asks if he can join me. All this time he's just been waiting for me to be myself. Average is good. MLIA”

Easy, huh? Just be yourself:)

“Today, I was watching Jimmy Neutron. At one point, Jimmy said "I sense a disturbance in my pants, ma'am." I laughed. MLIA”

Disturbances. For me, it’s bout how you define it. if you are not disturbed by it at all, why to worry?

“Today, I got into a car accident. I then came home and checked my facebook, and I had a friend request. From the kid who hit me. MLIA”

Forgiveness. BIG meaning:)


And lastly, my fav pic,


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