Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Badminton Tournament

Yesterday I competed in the Foreign Autumn Sports Fair which was held in Chuo-ku Sogo Gymnasium in Tokyo(Hamacho Station) and considering that our team didn’t really train beforehand, we showed some persistence to win the 4th place. Yeah it was great!

Actually we had 4 Malaysian teams for badminton. 3 for men and 1 for women. I thought there just 2 teams from Malaysia. So glad to know others joined us as well. The other Malaysian teams were from Nagaoka National University, 高専 somewhere there and from private university. They got 7th place and 8th place. Still OK:)

For my team, I assembled the team and the members are:

  1. Shahrul Nizam Azman. 埼玉大
  2. Masmustaqeem Abu Bakar. 千葉大
  3. Hasnor Sani Abdul Hamid. 千葉大
  4. See Chin Chet. 東京工業
  5. Ooi Shukeat. 社会人

DSC04300 Malaysia Boleh! Men team.

In semifinal, we lost to the eventual champion, and in 3/4 place, we lost in a fighting way, as we all lost in rubber sets.

Oh by the way, the format was like Thomas Cup, with just 1 single game and 2 double games. The team who won 2 games have the glory.

DSC04305 Men team+Women team

And, finally..

I was tired.

Kruk Krak Kruk Krak through out my muscles.:P

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