Saturday, September 12, 2009

Simply the best-22

At the age of 22, I was wondering if I have colored my life with the right pattern. To know what pattern I’m looking for, I need some look-backs, some low-egos, some honest reflections on myself and some constructive evaluations that can make amends in my life.

Now, it’s been 22 years since my first breath. And today is day 22 of Ramadan 1430H.

Am I satisfied with my life now? or I have to do some overhauls? err..Why now?

Well, I’ve seen my friends change for good during Ramadan, and hopefully they will constantly keep up the changes till their last journey in this world:)

Back then, I once tried to change my life patterns. I remember one time during my hellish Japanese preparation at AAJ, UM, I wanted to keep my mouth shut, unless I really need to speak. I thought I would feel good about my change, but it turned out that it was like killing myself, because it wasn’t the true me. From that time perhaps, I noticed in myself that, my attitude and how I think will be always flat in time. In other words, I hardly change the way I live my life, either to good or to bad.

But, I know I am nowhere near alim, The maximum number of page I can read Al-Quran there few years are 3 pages, which is bad number. During Ramadan, I’m not regular in tarawikh sessions. But, I do have some intentions to be like one.


Ok lah till now. Terasa cam membebel pulak.

A week to go before Hari Raya.

ps: sick,  I still need to post about my Hiroshima Trip.

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