Thursday, September 3, 2009

Journey To The West~Day 1st

At first, I didn’t plan to go outside Kantou during this year summer break, but as my boredom kept me uneasy at home, I decided to go down, or west Japan to entertain myself. With Ilhami, a friend of mine from TiTech, we went for a journey to Hiroshima, mainly to visit our friend there, Sidek.

Actually I don’t want to write about the trip in so many details. So, I won’t write about how many train we stop, or at what time we transit. Just a brief story will do, I guess. Haha I think because I don’t remember much details, so please don’t mind if I skip them.

me with Ilhami(right) Ilhami and I had a fantastic journey for a week, from 24th August 2009 till 30th August 2009. We used Seishun 18 Kippu, which we found the cheapest way to travel long miles. Its price is 11,500¥. We started from Minamiyono Station here in Saitama not very early in the morning, around 1100 am, and for the first day, we stayed at Hatta’s in Kobe. Thanks Hatta!!

As we expected, the journey really is so tiring, with me and Ilhami always fell asleep in the train. We stopped at many stations, and we tried to keep ourselves busy in the train by reading books, or playing facebook and bla bla.( It explains why my iPhone ran out of battery so fast!! hehe)

ini kaki aku..hahaha

From Minamiyono Eki, we headed to Tokyo first. Then, Ilhami went back to his house to pick up his alien card. We had limited time at Atami and Nagoya. At Atami, I had my legs warmed by the onsen there, which is right in front of the Atami Station(熱海駅).

There is also 商店街 there, which I spent nothing. I planned to buy something to my girl friend there, but I found nothing interesting:( She will get better from other places;) At Atami Eki, there was something so funny. We were already inside the 電車(train), and the door was about to close, and near the door, there were a family, mom, nanny and 2 little kids, boy and girl. The interesting part was the girl cried out loud because her younger bro was still outside the train. Perhaps she was afraid the bro would be missing the train. What a scene!!:) I liked the girl, really!! カワイイイイ!!So cute!!

Atami Station

From Atami, we passed Shin-Fuji, Shizuoka, Kakegawa, Hamamatsu and then Toyohashi. We transit for a while at Toyohashi, and then continued our journey to Nagoya, where we had our “iftar” there.

Oh by the way, from Yokohama we just used Tokaido line. And I never thought Tokaido line is so long and covers most of the places en route to Kansai.

At Nagoya

Because we’re a bit too relaxed, we reached Maibara a bit late. We broke our 3rd day of fasting at Nagoya, in front of convenience store, which I felt like PATI( illegal foreigners). We sit and we ate very simple meals. I ate pringles with milk tea, while Ilhami had Udon and his milk tea too.

hankyu line.

From Nagoya, still with Tokaido line, we moved west to Kobe, where our final destination for the day was 三宮(sannomiya), 2 stations before Kobe. There, we would met Hatta. Thanks a lot to Hatta for his generosity to provide our accommodation for a night.

I admit, along the way, I was missing her so much. I YMed her a lot via my hp, sms her a lot and we talked on the phone. I enjoyed the first day, but it would be better if she went with me;(


To be Continued…

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