Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The confusion.

That time was in the afternoon, where my friend and I did the discussion for the project. As I realized I havent perform my Zuhur prayer yet, I opened the window in my mac, where it showed the prayer times in Melbourne. My friend (he is a Christian) saw the prayer times, and he felt weird why Muslims pray a lot, 5 times a day.

My friend: Why Muslims pray a lot? Why is it 5 times a day?

I smiled, coz as far as I remember, he was not the first person asking me such question.

Me: How many times do you eat per day? Do you eat once?twice? or you don't eat at all?

He looked puzzled.

My friend: Of course I eat at least 3times a day. Why you ask me that question?

Me: See, you need to eat more than once a day. You cannot not eating at all, though u are fasting but still, u need to break ur fast when the time is allowed, right?

He looked even more puzzled.

Me: This is the same like praying. Pray is like a food for ur soul. If u dont pray, ur soul feels hungry. but if u got enough pray, ur soul is healthy. 5 times indicates 5 meals a day, subuh for bfast, zuhur for lunch, asr for tea, maghrib for dinner and isya' for supper.

He tried to argue.

My friend: but what if i dont eat 5 times a day? is that mean I can pray 3 times a day only?

Me: nah, 5 times a day is the best for ur soul. God knows better. That's why He asked to pray 5 times, not 3times. Like if u can get full meals, 5times a day, of course u never feel hungry, ur body feel healthy and good,right?

My friend: Yeah, but I wonder, why I eat 3 times a day?

He keep questioning that to himself. And I leave him with that answer:)

Only God knows better.

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