Friday, September 25, 2009


Today is the 6th day of Eid-Fitr and as the days count, there will be less open houses and less kuih raya in the house. Well, as for me, my kuih raya is so sikit, so I ate all of  them even before the first day of Hari Raya!!haha:P

OK, as usual, people in Malaysia kept asking me the same question.

camne raya kat jepun?

sure ko homesick nak balik kan?

haha padan muke ko, tu lah belajar jauh2 lagi..hahaha..

No matter how happy I am in here, celebrating Hari Raya with my friends at embassy, having jamuan makan malam raya, or any raya activities we did, there’s no way that can deny the fact that I was homesick. Raya in Malaysia is still the best!

In Malaysia I enjoy meeting families and relatives, eating lemang, visiting friends bla bla bla. Waaaa..But, in Japan? Can I enjoy it like I do in tanahair? *Cry out loud in the heart.

Actually, my mom cried a lot(of course because of missing me so badly). Mira, my sis told me that everytime my mom listens to lagu raya je, she definetely would cry like a baby..hehe:P Saaaayang mak!!!

ME? I didn’t cry. But I feel so syahdu. sesyahdu-syahdunya. :((

This year’s celebration was great. I enjoyed meeting friends at embassy, you know la kan, it’s hard for us to meet, and plus, lots of Malaysians came to embassy, Whether Malay, Chinese or Indian, talking and loughing..and also gossiping. ahakss..:P

Some said that about 700 people came to embassy on the first raya, but then I heard some said 400 people. どっち?yang mana betul pon aku tak tahu. Anys, less people than the previous years, due to summer break which coincidentally overlaps with hari raya, and in Japan, we also had 5連休(5 consecutive days off work), starting from Sept 19th to 23th.

The 5連休started from Saturday, followed by Sunday(both are weekends hols) and here the come, public holidays as below,

21 Sept for 敬老の日-(keiro no hi)-Respect for the Aged day.

22 Sept for 国民の休日(citizens holiday) (becomes public hol because the day falls between two other national holidays)

23 Sept for 秋分の日-(shubun no hi)-Autumnal Equinox

According to wiki, this 5連休 won’t happen again till 2015.(haha.won’t be in Japan that year).

Ok, back to the celebration, there’s a fact that I wanna tell you guys.

This year’s raya is the first time for me celebrating it with my girlfriend!

I was lonely as hell before. Even I’m in Japan and she’s in Melbourne, my raya was superb and the best when she’s around me. hehe..Jauh di mata, tapi dekat di hati. :)

The night before Hari Raya, we, Saitamaians had jamuan malam raya. We had takbir raya too. The jamuan was in held in Ridzal’s. All 埼大生 yang tinggal(kecuali Dilla) joined the jamuan. Ridzal, Apros, Razif, Iqbal, Edi, Cikun were the bujangs, plus we had 3 families(Peja’s, Abg Hazli’s, and Sinyu’s) and we had extra 4 guests from Yamagata led by Padil.

The next day, Raya Pertama, we together went to embassy and me managed to solat sunat Hari Raya on time. Haha.Kalau dulu memang sengaja lambat sebab datang sebab nak makan je.:P

Then, we had full stomochs at 3 open houses. Mr Redha’s, Mr Tarmizi’s and Pn Siti Zaharah’s. Many of us fall asleep terribly at Pn Siti Zaharah’s. Suckerss.

Right after that, to kill the time for the day, we had some photo scenes in front of Tokyo Tower. Not so interesting, though.

Well, I guess that brings the end of this post.


ps: pix kat my facebook.:)

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