Monday, August 24, 2009

A letter for u:)

24th August 2009,

Dear my beloved sweetheart,

I believe the time I write this letter, u were still in the train, on the way to Hiroshima. I hope your journey going well, nothing bad happened to you, and please please please do take care of yourself, okay? Don't make me feel worry about you, and please inform me if anything happens, okay?:)

This week would be the though week for me, and I believe for u too. I just hoping u can enjoy urself there, and remember our deal, 200++ pics or otherwise u gonna miss the bonus!:D i've told sidek to take care of u, and masak sedap2 mee bandung for u, if he doesnt, tell me eh? err..but I dunno what can I do even if u told me

Oh yes, before I forgot, dont forget to fast,okay? jgn ngelat2 eh pose..musafir xmusafir,pose is pose:P Hope u get proper food for ur sahur and iftar as well, dear:) Last but not least, I hope u enjoy ur trip there and dont forget to take pics too!cant wait to see them!:D:D:D

..and it because I miss u so much..:(

lovesssss from downunder,
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