Monday, July 6, 2009

Human is like CDMA-part 2

Thinking deeper, if I wanna relate anger to something else, I prefer specific heat capacity as the parameter.

Specific Heat Capacity (Cg) of a substance is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1g of the substance by 1oC (or by 1 K).

Anger-is a very subjective subject, or parameter. Back to the definition of Cg, now I wanna talk about human, that means, the substance in this context is human, while the temperature is anger.

If you are a science student, surely you also know what heat capacity is.

The amount of heat energy (q) gained or lost by a substance is equal to the mass of the substance (m) multiplied by its specific heat capacity (Cg) multiplied by the change in temperature (final temperature - initial temperature)

q = m x Cg x (Tf - Ti)

Human get angry. Everyone gets angry. The question is, whether you can control your anger or not. Please notice that if specific heat capacity of a substance is low, it gets hotter quickly than substance with higher specific heat capacity.

Now, referring human as our context of discussion, it’s clear that someone who easily gets angry has lower specific heat capacity. I MEAN LOWER.  When I mean LOWER, it means that individual is a LOWER LEVEL person. (pity, huh, if you are labeled like that!)

And another thing is, what makes us, aka human can control our emotions? Yup, because we have brains or the ability to think what is the best to do when facing certain situations. That’s why, when I apply heat capacity onto human, and with comparison with other substances(they have fixed, unchanged specific heat capacity), I can conclude that only human can vary their own specific heat capacity. WHY? because we can think!!

What makes us different from other creatures (makhluk) is because we can think!!

That’s where I wanna emphasize at.  Well, IT’S A real PITY to whoever who doesn’t think (who gets angry so easily). It makes him/her look like animal!! I was wondering what will his/her future would be like.

So, in short, let’s try our best to pause, think and act before getting pissed off. Fights and expressing your anger(in negative way) are always not a solution!!

Looks like off the topic, though. What about CDMA? Haha. later la I story to you.

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