Friday, July 10, 2009


It’s a flip flop again.

Honestly, I prefer science and math in both languages!! Like Mr Wong, my macho chemistry teacher in SDAR back then, he actually used both languages. And at that time, PPSMI hasn’t been implemented YET! He even gave us question in English!!(using Singaporean O-level questions).

Lots of opinions are there, especially in blogs. Well, for me, it all boils down to how the implementation is done, the method we use, and how the information can reach students’ brain networks. Language is JUST a medium. Here, I learn my engineering course in Japanese, yes it was hard at first, but I never give up! And now I can be proud of myself! To this extent, I can google up as many information I want in 3 different languages-English, Japanese and errr..Malaysmile_sad

Hasegawa Sensei always gives emphasis to the importance of sorting out information in our brain’s network. How to see it in other ways. How to understand the meaning of certain formula, instead of just remembering it. So, it’s a duty of teachers to teach and ensure that students can have the information they need! Make them think! Make them flexible to absorb any information, regardless of what language they use.

It’s pity to my younger bros and their friends. They are continuously toyed up by some stupid ministers.

ps: sigh~

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