Saturday, June 27, 2009

Human is like CDMA

CDMA? who knows this word must be very detailed in telecommunication system. Actually I just learnt basics of CDMA, or the grounds of CDMA briefly by Hasegawa sensei, which it really sparks my interest, and with Hasegawa sensei as my lecturer, CDMA looks very cool.Haha at least for me, and surely if I continue writing about it, my readers(not many) might run away from this blog.

I’m writing this post during my last mid exam week. I can’t deny I stressed out. My mind is “omoi” (heavy), and the pressure is piled up. And  I decided to not study for my 日本語一級能力試験、due to lots of workloads(engineering stuffs), and study to do. I’ll take the Japanese test, which will be on 5th July, at my my uni, but apparently, I’ll just only bring myself, and pencil, eraser as well. haha.

OK, back to the point, the title has nothing to do with what I really wanna tell you here. Here, I was just wondering, why different individuals have different personalities, attitudes and aptitudes. Let’s say me, I am really sucked at arts, while others are really good at it. Why some people get angry so easily. Why Japanese people don’t care about being naked in front of me. Why I am right handed. Yeah, some say it is because of the uniqueness of human themselves.

To be able to cope with the varieties of individuals’ attributes is really hard to do, I have a friend who is extremely sensitive. How I respond to this friend determines the course of our friendship. I can’t say something that might make him/her angry. So as with my other friends.

Some think that they are always right. They think their likes, or their way of doing things are perfect, and they make fun of those who are not like them. I can say this as sub of peer pressure too. And I learnt a lot from observing these kind of people. How pity they are! Now I’m 22, and I think this bracket of age should have clear understanding to how they should respect others.

Actually, I despise them. That’s all.

My silly rant. Sorry.

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