Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Suka aku mengingatkan, pada jalan perkahwinan terletaknya keindahan Islam itu. Semua yang lahir, yang melahirkan, yang bertanggjawab sebagai bapa, terpelihara kesuciannya melalui akad yang mulia ini.

Tak hairanlah, Ar-rasul begitu menitikberatkan ikatan ini, sehingga digambarkan melalui hadithnya yang mahsyur;

“Sesiapa yang berkahwin, beerti beliau telah menyempurnakan sebahagian dari agamanya, maka beliau hendaklah bertakwa kepada Allah kepada sebahagian yang lain yang masih tinggal.”

(Riwayat Al-Baihaqi)

source: my friend

It’s been a while since last I updated my blog. Stuffs around me have been zapping my energy. I can’t believe either too-The fact that I dedicate my life to certain things, plus too many targets to achieve. Hopefully they are all still realistic.sigh:(

OK, back to the topic. 結婚 (kekkon) means marriage. Actually this word has been around my head for quite a long time. I’d love to quote some phrases from my friend’s blog (look above), he said that it’s marriage where lies the beauty of Islam.

Yeah, so agree with him. There are lots of good things after getting married. Life becomes balance, spiritually, mentally as well as physically. Our outlook of life changes. We tend to think not for ourselves, but to everyone the we love the most. Years back, we were quite selfish, but hopefully after being “halal”, the selfishness will gradually fade, where finally the perfect balance of selfishness and selflessness is only left in our perspectives. Isn’t it wonderful?

And I know it’s not preferable for me to get married nowsmile_sad. My study comes first, so as hers. Sabar, sabar….:)

ps: teringin nak jumpa TUN hari ni, tapi apakan daya, kene pergi kelas. Deym.

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