Friday, May 22, 2009

1st H1N1 in Saitama

1st case of new influenza in Saitama confirmed!

新型インフル 同行の男性も38度の発熱 埼玉県内初の感染確認



Using this site , I did the translation;

“Saitama Prefecture announced on the 22nd(May 2009), a man (29) of the restaurant employee in the Washimiya town was infected with new influenza. The infection confirmation of the prefecture is the first time. The man had started out on a trip to Kansai. It is being hospitalized in the medical institution in the Kumagaya city now, and it is said that the condition is steady. “

ps: Takutnya…….


  1. hanya menanti bila la dai nak dapat cuti... tapi x best plak nanti kena extend sminggu pastu. harap dapat balik untuk raye nanti.

  2. haha..jgn seh sampai kyuukou kat c ni..x psl2 kene ganti cuti nnti..X NAKK!!!


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