Saturday, April 25, 2009

Malaysian wonderkid vs Ronaldinho??

First, please watch this video,


Second, I want you to trust me, well, the kid that dribbles like Ronaldinho, or Messi, is actually a Malaysian, now living and schooling in America. Oh ya, his name is Wan Kuzain.

Read this. the writer is Wan Kozain’s older brother.

I watched it many times, and surely this kid has really very bright future ahead, if and only if, he is trained under right guidance from FAM true professional football associations or clubs.

He has all it takes to be a wonderkid-dribbling speed with various styles like Messi, accurate passing like fabregas, pirlo-like freekicks, and genius like me new Zidane(madin mohamed).

And I’m very certain, that this kid has all the attributes to be Malaysian best hope in football, not craps like Akmal Rizal, or Titus.:(

Here my personal opinion-Wan Kozain has better future in Stamfod Bridge than in America or Ulu Kelang.:P

And lastly, should I contact Gus Hiddink?


  1. hau hau hau...

    Biasalah, malaysia, sport edu is third after sex edu and political edu. :P

  2. @neng, lu respek gua ke??LOL


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