Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chelsea roars!! 3-1

Just finished watching The Blues vs The Reds

(I used sopcast, coz I’m not suscribing skapa or any cable tv))

My comments?

  • Definitely Chelsea outplayed Liverpool. We deserved the win.
  • As always, Lampard’s balls were accurate, combined with Ivanovic’s cunningness. Great for both corners.
  • Terry’s suspension for the next match(2nd Leg) was expected. Before my eyes, he tried many times to be booked. Correct me if I was wrong.
  • The pace of the game was relatively fast, with both teams went really hard to score goals.
  • Where was Gerrard? Chelsea’s heart of midfield, Essien, did very fantastic job  to stop Gerrard.
  • Hiddink was the special one for the night. He knows what he’s doing, really.

ps: Besides Sopcast, is there any better way to watch live(and free)?


  1. Good brother.. tak dapat tengok sebab tak dapat internet.. haih..

  2. haha..xpe2..bukan wajib pon..hehe


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