Friday, March 20, 2009


Basically all my friends keep saying that sleeping is something they like to do, and so DID I. I did like sleeping as one of my hobbies quite a years ago, but things in life revolved to some circumstances that made me deviate from the way I normally slept.

and IT WAS AAJ’s fault!!!



I remember when I was in AAJ, on weekdays, I just slept 5, 6 hours everyday, which was terrible. I felt like 24 hour a day was not enough to do everything. I wanna do this, I wanna do that. Well, some said that lacking of sleeping time will have negative effects our cognitive abilities, or in the easier words, our understanding abilities.


Yeah, as research shows, I was sleep-deprived, and the impacts on my studies were clearly noticed. But, honestly, I don’t really prefer to go to my comfy bed, not because of I hate sleeping, it’s just I feel sleeping is a waste of my precious time,


Well, I don’t 100 percent sleep while standing?? bengong je..think of sleeping that badly, because I know, sleeping is the only time my body gets its full rest, especially when in REM mode. It helps us to rejuvenate, to re-energize.

But, I have another problem too!! When I get excited, or super happy, I tend to not sleep. Is it normal? I guess not! Believe it, I used to not sleep for 4 days in a row, yes, after my  MOMBUKAGAKUSHO (mombusho, or monkasho) exam was over. It was the only exam that had the final say whether I can fly or not, which was MY FIRST FLIGHT!! (Who says “now, everybody can fly”?)LOL.

I was so confident that I thought I did very well on every paper I took. So, because i was hyper-happy, I didn’t sleep. I drank coffee if I felt like sleeping.

And I know I have to change this. I wanna be like someone I know, who sleeps well, who even recites ayat kursi and etc before sleeping. And whoever reads this, I think this is the time to realize that taking sleeping for granted is a huge mistake!!!

OK minna-san, lastly I wanna say…

Let’s not be sleep-deprived!! and Let’s not over-sleep!!!

ps: have to go tru busy days ahead, even during hols mode!!


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