Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why blogging?

Only for short: Good Luck to all my sempais(seniors) who will be going back to Malaysia. Wish all of you the best for whatever fields you are in.

A few of my friends used to ask me why I am blogging.

Is blogging fun? What do you get from blogging? Is it a waste of time?

I know some of my friends who are blogging too. Some blog about their lives, some prefer blogging as online diaries, others like to use their blog as an alternative way to berdakwah(preach)

To tell you the truth, I started blogging because I want to level up my English. Since I’m in Japan, the environment isn’t so helpful, because it’s Japanese everyday. I can’t lie to say that I’m proud of my Japanese, because apparently I can speak it well.

Alas, for the first 6 months since I arrived here, it was very clear that my English was slumping, and that made me wonder how to reverse the process.

And here I go, make blogging as kikkake (the turning point) to “overhaul” my sickening English. I don’t care what my friends would say, because it’s about me, not them.

Another reason is, at times, I want to express what I feel, think and believe via words, and that means through blogging as the platform. FYI, “BilaCikunMenulis” comes from this reason. I do feel that somehow, giving “BilaCikunMenulis”(When Cikun writes) as my blog’s title is kind of funny and immature. But, who cares?

Well, I know I am nowhere near professional writers. Here’s the thing, I write what I want to write. Whilst it is fun to write about myself, I start to think it can never be cool. And certainly, I hate being self centric, even though I seem like one. And more, like many of my friends, I pen down craps too!! Craps are still craps, but I’m trying to make better craps here.

And lastly, to those who blog, why blogging??


  1. sebb bile blog ko leh luahkan segale perasaan yg ko ade.. happy, marah, sedeyh.. walaupon org tak paham tapi ade tempat nak lepaskan.. haha.. macam aku slalu buat.. lagipon, bile ade geng2 yg turut berblogging.. aku rase best.. same best mcm men FB.. ataupon frenster.. smpai akurase blogger la mende yg ak akan bukak dulu setiap kali bukak kom.. haha..

    jadi, marilah memeriahkan dunia blog ni.. sumpah best.. hehe

  2. haha..tu pon boleh jd reason yg best gak!!hehe..lg ramai lg meriah kan!!

  3. Seems i like thira's thought..its true blogging feels like FB and frenster.
    At some point its a way to make frens for those who trully read..Yele we read and try to understand what others feel right.

    And its true most that we write are craps but those craps are fun too right..

  4. ha sometimes when you do have time you should sharpen you skill in HTML code and computer stuff which also applied in blogging ...

    okeh i lie...

    its all about the photoshop and his clan !

    haha dulik aaa ape org nak cakap sape soh die bace

  5. @ilyas
    what you said is very true, if we read our friends blog, that means we wanna know if he's doing well or not, as well as what they CRAPLY think about..isn't it, minna-san??hehe

    HTML and CSS might be the catalyst to make people read our blogs-AGREED even you lied.LOL.

    aah kan, dulik ape ape org len cakap, ingat blog diorng bgs sgt ke hape!!huhu


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