Thursday, February 5, 2009


My beloved mom and dad, since the first time I could talk, have been stressing the importance of better education to their kids.

I “bought” their words, and I studied while play-playsmile_wink, but I think the most essential part is when the competitiveness gets into play. Surprisingly, it was the one that motivated me(at that time).

Here is when the magical words TO BE OR NOT TO BE is releasing its strike.

The Qs go like this; Do you want to outdo your friends? OR do you want to be no. 1(at my primary school)? Or do you want to study because of you’re in the middle of creating the better you in the future(wow!)? Choose, pal.

As for me, apparently the answer was TO BE NO. 1 among my batch(remember, I’m talking about primary school). From standard 1 till standard 6, I was always ranked No. 1, or 2, and my worst ranking was NO. 3(only once!).

What was so special about being No. 1? What if I say your score in exam is what matters, not crappies like whether being No. 1 or not?

AGAIN, I’m talking about a

kid’s thinking

I, too, was once a kid. And I realized ‘being No, 1 or not” was the main reason why my neurons and cerebrum worked well.

There was a rival, named Mahfuzah Bte Ruselan, who I call her Fuzah, and she was the one who kept pushing me to study(without realising it, though). The two of us were “unbeatable” for 6 years. Anyhoo, she’s now in med world, still alive(LOL), and she’s going to Ireland, if not mistaken.


MY POINT is, you decide what you want to be.

I’m looking for the answer to why I am the way I am now. Why I am in Japan, struggling to damn limit while my friends at kampung are just having simple lives? I was once “like” them too!!

Thinking and thinking back then, It’s me who wants every little thing looks up. I want to CHANGE my family. I’ve had enough when some people demeaned us.

My dad told me there were people who wanted to see us having a “lower” life, “lower” jobs. Thankfully, he and my mom proved them wrong.

OK, why I’m telling you this? It’s because I’m NOT telling you(waddefa...**). I’m telling myself, over and over again, to keep reminding me whenever I’m going black(down).

The ultimate challenge is the Q itself,


I know that we, human, have limits to what we’re capable of. But still again, it’s us who turn our future to what it’s going to be like.

In here, I’ve seen some of my friends who’ve given up. I knew it too, studying in Japan, with Japanese-medium, is not going to be kacang(easy). Tough hurdles always get in the way, like 再提出レポ、or 複数試験.

There’re also friends who are always mentally strong. They’re not letting themselves to have bad times. Hats off to them!!

OK, here’s the reasons why I can’t let myself down;

  1. Everyone is praying for me.
  2. I want to show my strong moments to encourage my bros and sisters.
  3. Definitely don’t want to have slumping moments.
  4. I don’t wanna pay JPA(if I stumbled).
  5. I want to be a better muslim, with knowledge.

Yet, I still have two more headaches to go.

To those who still have papers, let’s fire till the end.



ps: need to prolong my motivation, at least until exams are over.


  1. yup! mental kne kuat lagi2 kat tmpt org~ good luck!

  2. hehe thx..really arigatou...

    getting older means life's getting more complicated and only strong ones remain on the track..

    we can't do it alone, and that's what friends for..kan jawe??hehe..

  3. motivate gile aku bile bca bnda ni..aku rsa most of us yg dah smpai jepun ni ada experience mcm ko yg struggle time kcik sbb title no1...
    natsukashii.......sonna keiken atta no..

  4. haha camtu la hidup aku smpai dpt msuk sbp..klu x aku rase ak duk skola kat kg aku tu je..hehe..

  5. yup2, idop xleh sorg2, kne carik org yg btol utk support kite from tjatoh~ n change of place, change of ambience is gud 4 us to understand and explore nu things! so, appreciate the oppurtunity u had~

  6. baru realize ade mention name aku dlm blog ko ni after ade org google name aku.aisemen.


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