Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shereen's tears

If you want to cry, whether burst into tears,
or just tears rolling down your cheeks,
please watch Buletin Utama 28th January.

Or click here

then please move your curser to minute 5:08,
where the Laporan Eksklusif starts.

It's about a 8-year-old Palestinian girl, named Shereen who lost all her family members from the Zionist attack. She vows to take revenge on them. Here, we'll see her crying, which I believe will move every Muslim hearts on earth.

FYI, just to those who didn't know, Buletin Utama is running Laporan Eksklusif about the aftermath of Gaza War from 28th January 2009.

We can trust Buletin Utama for this Laporan(besides sports news), so, I suggest anyone who wants to 'feel' the pain of the Gaza war, watch it and you never regret.

Surely it will burn your spirit more, yes, I mean MORE, to incinerate Zionis to ashes( I wish I had boms).

I'm very moved. Honestly.

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