Thursday, February 19, 2009

My 7 Crappy Q’s

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Till now, these questions below are always bothering me, even when I try to sleep.

Some are OK, but mostly they aren’t worth thinking.

1.Why not dodging.

In movies, say we’re watching an accident scene.

  • Who: a walking girl and a speedy car.
  • Condition: mathematically, the girl has only less than 3 seconds to react and avoid the car.

Normally, the girl would be frozen to death, immobile and just wait for the impact to turn her into a decease(because she’s so shocked that she can’t even move). And this is something that I can’t bear with. Look, She has a mere 3 seconds. and according to my experience, given she’s not distracted by a superior parameter(i.e. shock), she might can still duck out of the car.

But, she doesn’t. Well, I’m quite frustrated because her inability to react accordingly within THAT 3 seconds. In other words, I want her to be alive so that I can marry her.LOL

2. Why we can’t see the future.

This has something to do with building time machine and cracking off the time-space dimension. Can we??

The absolute answer: NO.

3. Why we have limited abilities.

It’s absurd to believe HEROES, but I do ponder why we can’t go beyond that boundaries? I guess because we’re not GOD.

4. Why politicians act like shit.

Take a look at what’s happening in Malaysia. Full of Shits, huh.

5. Male versus Female.

Now is the time when Sex Discrimination is not allowed. At times, I wonder what if women nowadays are not working and just being faithful wives to Men? Perhaps we might live in harmony.( if that really happened)

6. Why sometimes I feel Allah is not fair.

I can’t think like that. It’s a forbidden thought and I know that. Damn satan!!

7. Why girls NOW are not loyal

Many of my male friends had bad love experiences with girls they once dated. ME too. And I wonder why that still happened even we(boys, men) are so loyal like hell.

OK, emphasis on still and are so loyal.

Whatever reasons girls have, I’m pretty sure we are now living on the world where female tend to dump on male more frequently that male do. Man outpowered by women? huh.

That might do for now. Answers and comments about all 7 craps are very well appreciated. and remember guys, there will be more craps to come on this blog. Click it, and you will see craps.

haha..the world is going crappie…


  1. for point no. 7, jgn pk sgt ahh... 5 taon kite bleh idop tanpe wanita, xkan la skang nk rase terjejas dgn wanita lak~ relax la~ wanita datang dan pergi~ hohoho~

  2. haha I like no 2..but for some reason I dont feel like seeing my own future..but just hoping to use a time machine to change my past...

    and no 1..3seconds in a movie is like a slow motion view je..maybe it is faster than it looks..ko pernah ke nyaris kena langgar..or just experience through calculation..

    in movies 1second can turn into 1minute ok...

  3. @Afiq
    aku terjejas dgn wanita?that never happens la..cume hr tu ak ade terpk ng junior ak psl bnde nih..well, mcm ko kate, datang dan pergi..

    kan aku ade kate according to my experience..tgk btol2, ak kate experience, that means 1 pengalaman pernah nyaris kene langgar..
    time tu kat ikebukuro, ade satu motor besar, laju gak la, die main cilok2 kat tepi keta..aku bajet mmg xde moto lalu la kat c tu pasal time tu kete x bergerak sgt, so ak cross la jln tu..

    TETIBA ak terdengar bunyi moto ke arah aku, ak tgk la ke kiri aku, seriyesly..aku RASE aku cume ade 1 saat sebelom ak kene langgar..aku x nak tipu and kali ni mmg btul2 1 saat..dlm tempoh sesingkat tu aku berjaya elak tau..maji ak ingat mcm nak mati time tu, tp alhamdulillah ak hidup lg..

    mmm..tu pengalaman aku..dan sejak hr tu ak terpk psl bnde ni..dan lagi satu, ak rase bnde ni mengenai

    "panicked or not panicked"

    bile berdepan ng situasi ni.

  4. 3. kalau aku ade beyond abilites, bleh la israel tinggal kenangan je dalam sejarah dunia huhu

  5. woit! jgn lupe usha blog aku n wat tag~ aku nk tgk list2 lagu jpon yg ko layan~ hehehe~

  6. haha btul le pnah gak le rsa elak accident..base on panicked or not panicked tp in a second bleh ke kita fikir..maybe reflex sendiri kan mcm mana elak..

    and no 7..I think bukan laki atau perempuan but who the person is.can't blame all the gender for just those few person out there

  7. @afiq
    will work on it..

    yap..body reflex is the doer, being not panicked is the key.

  8. weyh2.. no 7 tuh.. aku rase, pompuan tuh mesti cantek.. hot.. ramai list beratur.. thats y de tak loyal.. haha

  9. pompuan tak loyal?heh.laki lagi tak loyal..
    mybe laki tak cukup appreciate girl kot ngahaha


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