Friday, February 27, 2009

From a 22 year-old

It’s about my perspective of life in 4 aspects after 22 years of immaturity and learning. Reminder: this post is not fun to read.

1. Making Decision.

Life is all about making decisions. And in some circumstances, whatever you decide could lead to butterfly effect, where it affects other events as well. So, life is not as easy as it’s normally thought. Like everybody else, the hardest part is when running into some problems that needed decision-making ASAP, and quick-thinking skill at that time really makes you better sole, so as we see in doctors. I admire them like I admire my dad. Docs are really trained to possess reliable, lighting-quick decision-making. Hehe..and I love SCRUBS.

I believe things happen for various reasons(particularly that involved butterfly effects). They aren’t simply there. As I get older and older, experiences really make real differences. My decisions now are relatively(compared to my past-self) sharp as it should be. Back then five years ago, I was 17, there were lots of mistakes that I made, especially when dealing with girls.What?What did you ask? yap, I’m a product of all boys school. Salah ke??

2. Hatred and Anger.

From time to time, I trained myself to not to be angry. I learnt to accept people as they are. I like the idea of getting rid of unnecessary thoughts about other persons I deal with. If I were about to burst, I’d rather not to think of it. Life would be much easier and fun in that way.

Beating these feelings are not easy. Who doesn’t get angry after being told that you are pig ass? Or when people blamed you for things that you didn’t commit? I did have that experiences, lots of, and as bad as it looks like, I can’t help but to admit that I as well wanna get angry. Well, up to this time, my hatred and anger towards others are gradually lessening, and I’m happy with that.

3. Boys School.

Back to the past, like when I was in SDAR, my boyish mentality was quite strong. I didn’t get along easily with girls. I don’t know why but I thought girls were troublesome and hard to bare with. Actually, I didn’t really fancy the idea of boys-only or girls-only schools, but as I got used to life in there, everything was much simple.

But now is different. I know that my life would not be completed without her. It’s like Adam and Hawa. Mereka saling memerlukan.

4. Peer Pressure.

I’m always asking myself: Am I peer-pressured?

Peer pressure is something that everyone can’t escape from. Basically, teens have this problem, and so DID I. But that was in the past, where at times I was not myself. My attitude was affected by my peers, I tended to be cool, yeah, of course in effort to conform them. That was damn not-really-cool about the past me. I didn’t like it. It was bull****. Not a clue why I acted like that. Probably after “tasting” life for about 22 years, finally peer pressure is well-handled and I like the way I am now. You should too.

Here and now, my confidence is high and I am a man with OK-level self esteem. I know where I stand in many issues and I don’t simply let anybody to make me deviate from my firm belief. Hehe..I’m winning my battle with peer pressure!


Kesimpulannya; walau macamanpun, saya masih budak baru belajar….


  1. SDAR gak tmpt yg plg simple n best~ da kua tgk dunie baru tau betape rumitnye idop kat dunie luar~ wargh!

  2. ko sgt btol jawe oi...byk bnde rumit kat luar ni, nasib baik kite dilatih utk cope with ape jua situasi..hehe


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