Wednesday, January 7, 2009

tamatlah cuti musim sejuk ku!!

Hi Minna san!!

it's been 2 days after my winter break broke!!, but yet, i'm not getting ready yet to start all over again with my studies.but, i should be happy now.
THANKS A ZILLION to all my friends who wished me SWEET 22, not to mention my family as well.

Still, i'm feeling good, stuffs around also side with me.

By the way, i'm not going to tell you guys about what i was doing during my winter break, but i'd like to highlight some things that have been swinging (good and bad) me lately.

  1. i spent the whole winter break with my huhahuha friends. thanks to them, i wasn't feeling sad at all.
  2. i made a lot of new friends.(thanks to JAD guys for fantastic snowboarding trip.also nice knowing u evy madehah)
  3. of course i like all my friends.(coz i've learnt to accept all my friends' dark sides.)
  4. i am happy.
  5. Very felt debted to OTAI. Thanks for everything.
  6. Thanks to AfiqMS, for He's getting older.


  1. Haha..myfinancial problems are rising like never stop.
  2. Still single..opps!!


  1. hai ksian gile tgk ko pnya bad walaupn beza sket je bnding dgn good...especially the 2nd 1...ish2....

  2. haha guess my luck is not there..haha

  3. issit that bad?
    i think there's nothing bad bout it. ;p

  4. yupsz...single is not that bad ok~ treasure the time while u are single :)

    *tumpang lalu.. haha~

  5. 100% agree with u.hehe.

    @7 ezreena..200% agree.haha..


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