Thursday, January 1, 2009

out for 2 days

Hi Minna-san yo!!

Since returning from Nagano, it's been 3 days of lazing around.
Being almost like pouch potato, i've been gluing
myself in front of my 2 PCs, watching movies, dramas, tv series.

No outings.
Only met few friends.

i just wanted to be alone at home.
You know, people sometimes need their own time.
So, i decided to not work during winter break,
leaving myself with lots of leisure.

today, i'm going out for 2 days at least.
wanna visit my friends at hachioji and tokai.
also probably(i haven't decided yet) go for
another snowboarding.
I LOVE THAT!! depends on pitih (money) i have.

Also, i realized lately that i've been procrastinating lots of stuffs.
though i guess this new year is giving me another chance to make amends.

Oh, I haven't collecting all my pictures at Nagano from JAD fella.
Also some videos that i skillfully took while
snowboarding down the mountains.
hehe which i think one of the coolest things i've ever done.

Later i guess.Now it's not the time.

Ok Minna-san!!

ps: sweet 22 kepada birthday boy OTAI !!おめでとう!!
pss: still colourful post!hope u guys dun mind.

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