Friday, January 9, 2009

My First Ever Birthday Party

Hi Minna-san,

7th Jan 2009 at Kashmir Restaurant

It was my first (belated) birthday party(my DOB is 6th Jan)..and i was literally moved..actually, i've been longing for a birthday party (in appearance i seem not to favor for it).

Thinking again, i am not the kind of normal person who is normally fond of チョコ(chocolate), andケーキ(cake). and because of that abnormality of mine, i've never celebrated my birthday party before, NOT ever, not even once.

Again to whoever who had wished me(in facebook, friendster), THANKS!!

To Rahimi, Zu, thanks for the wonderful party.

To Hajar(Born on 3rd Jan), hopefully you will remember our shared birthday party!

To DENDEN team(Hidayat, Ridzal, yb), you're all awesome for being so supportive!

To Apun, Saufi and Jimu, thanks for the song.

I dunno what to say. .they are all fantastic!!
But, now i know the feeling of being celebrated!!or celebrity should i say??ahakzz..haha

i just finished Scrubs Season 2 and there is one saying from it that has a very strong effect on me,
at the end of episode 18, the main character, JD says,

"..because nothing sucks than feeling all alone"


  1. how does it feel to celebrate your besday...for the 1st time..omg...while not eating the cake...hehehe

  2. adekah wanita berbaju merah itu awek baru cikun cawangan jepon? hanye cikun saje yg tau~ hohohoho!

  3. @ilyas..haha, while not eating cake??haha..rase cam pelik tapi benar..hehe..

    @aienrozaini..panjang nye cikungg ko ye...cikun je sudah..hehe..THX ain!!

    @Afiq..yap hanya cikun yang tau..hehe tu aku nye kohai(junior) la..hehe

  4. "..because nothing sucks than feeling all alone"
    hell true.

    & u should be thankful that u'r not alone.

  5. @dharmiza..hell true, rite?
    haha kat c ni aku nak susume kat sume orang supaya tgk la Scrubs..hehe

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