Monday, January 19, 2009

litte brother, big faith

I stumbled on an amazing video and I hope you guys watch it. This is about a very bright 8-year-old(cute) kid who is asked many questions by her crazy sister(she's cute too) about God.
Let's watch it!!I am very sure you will be shocked by his surprising answers!!

The sister : You believe in God?
The kid : Yeah, I believe in God.
The sister : Why?
The kid : because...because in the Koran, it says you have to believe in God.

The sister : How do you know the Koran is real? ( she continues bictching..)
The kid : I know it's real because I can touch it.(hehe..he's so damn cute here)

The sister : How do you know HE's real?
The kid : because it says in the Koran.(keeps insisting, man, he's got very strong faith)

The sister : How do you know HE's real if you can touch him or see him or anything..
The kid : There is, because who made the grass, and like..who could make the grass?who could make the cheese? ...bla3..(he really looks like an adult, but in childish way)

As the vid goes on, she is making stuffs up to make him doubt about the existence of God(ALLAH).

The sister : How do you God was just there?
The kid : Because it's impossible to someone to make the grass. (haha why grass, kid??)

The sister : Nobody made it, it was just there.
The kid : Yeah, God made it. God made everything first and
then God made us.
(looks like he reads a lot)

The sister : How do you know the God made the grass that you were born and the grass was just there.
The kid : .......(long pause..he's thinking)...haaaaaaa??(LOL..he's hilarious!!, cant bear it!!!)
The sister : ehahaha..(sorry, I don't know how to spell the laugh)

and when he is asked about what if God did not make the grass, or the grass was on their own, this smart kid says,

"It's impossible...(he's wondering how to elaborate more)...pretend if someone.......
I would k
now that it's really impossible...It's so creative.."
(the sister's really torturing her chibi(little) bro)

the sister asks again,"what's so creative?,and without no doubt, he answers,"everything that HE made". and he adds more,"God didn't make this house but HE did make the things that are in it".

the conversation continues..

The sister : What are the things that He made in the house.
The kid : As you see in the mirror, who'd like how it'd be reflected. God makes it reflected.(this one is unexpecting, huh)

and someone disturbs them..and it ends..

I am so thrilled with how smart the kid is. Can't imagine what I was like when I was 8 year old. Even though the sister gives him such a hard time, or should I say, it's more like an interrogation on him, the kid answers with astonishingly flying colours. wow wow..I am so so so moved!!
He's smart, and I hope he will be very good muslim when he grows up.

ps: the sister is not a bitch. Frankly speaking, she's my what-if girl.hehe..gatal!!


  1. sape bitch tu... islam ke tak!

  2. boleh check kat youtube..nama dia Louma, and die guna Paintyourworld as her channel.

    actually, she's very islamic la, lawa lak tu...sbb aku kate die bictching kerana die 'menyeksa' adik die dgn soklan yg sgt la susah..hehe..


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