Sunday, January 18, 2009

hugging toughness ahead..

It's about killing time and killing space. Whatever it means, say Einstein's rants, or Stephen Hawking's lectures, this is almost time to me to turn to serious mode: fighting mode. Remember cikun, stuffs ahead are getting more challenging.

"Ouch, i am still 22 ok!! why i have to do al these craps??",
my budak-budak characteristic tried to control my mind, but finally I gave it a killing shot, i mean a shot,real shot right to its tail!! TIME TO WAKE UP, dude!!

Yesterday, unexpectedly I was just appointed as one of the AJK for MSAJ(Malaysian Students Association of Japan) for Kanto Area. Honestly, I was surprisingly shocked, as I came to the meeting with a great craving for food.

I am OK with the appointment, but deep inside, there's a voice that keep reminding me to not accept the AJK post.Why?It's simple, I was once determined to NOT have any post(jawatan) in any organisation during my studies in Saitama. At that time, I was enough with all these persatuan's stuffs. It's like retirement, should i say.

But, today's competitiveness makes real differences. Had Aida NOT suggested my name to the appointment for new committee, perhaps I would remain as I am now, without any significant better changes. I guess she has opened the door. Perhaps, yesterday's event may become an opportune change for me. And if it turned to be like that, there's no more other than saying thanks to her.

And again, my priority comes first.EXAMS. Mine will be starting next week, which is at the end of January. This time is different;I am struggling.

I'd failed one subject now, due to lack of motivation to come to the class(火曜日、①時限).And I'll never let other subjects slip too, not now. It's very pathetic. Worse, lately I've been literally hooked up on Scrubs and Initial D(which I'd watched it many times). And I am planting other commintment too now(no one knows this except me and..).

The point is..
the real challenge now is to get balanced, and to remain motivated.

Lastly, I wanna say..
To Palestinians, NEVER GIVE UP!!..and I'm not willing to lose to you guys. I'm fighting too!!
To PAS, congrats on KT. Make differences!!
To BN, change!!
To all SAIDAIans, look, exam is just around the corner. gambarou!!
To new AJKMSAJ2009, congrats too for your appointment.
To all of you who are sitting exams, break more legs!!
To Frank Lampard, I believe Chelsea is still a contender.GET TOUGH!!

ps: my motivation forms sinus graph..damn it!! Make it better line dude!!


  1. ok-ok.. lepas ni aku tak serius lagi da.

  2. it's the same like this..

    "dun play-play when you are playing"

    easy.when u've got to be serious, be like one!!

    hehe..jangan jadi KY sudah la..

  3. kuuki yomanai? saaa... takde bakat..

  4. but more precisely means kuuki yomenai..not yomanai..

  5. haha tu la kan..selama ni aku mendak jugak x semendak ko jawa oii(masa zaman skola)..haha


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