Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gifts from HIM.

As someone who's been watching Heroes, I can't help but thinking about those superb abilities, like Enhanced Memory possessed by Charlie Andrews, or Space-Time Manipulation(by Hiro Nakamura), and to use them in real world.(like when sitting for exams)

Yes, to think immaturely like that is very absurd, crappy-yuckie. Oh no, please tell me it's just as crappy as the previous post(scroll down, please).

At Saitama University here, I'm very lucky to have my Japanese friends who always help me whenever I have some "holes" in my studies. Each of them has their gifts, and how I wish I could get hands on their fortes. Here there are:

  1. Shinoda-kun: He's all-rounder, and he's exceptional.
  2. Kei-kun: Programming specialist. Also cute.LOL.
  3. Nocchi-kun: Analysis ability. that's why he can easily grasp whatever graphs or charts he reads.
  4. Takuma-kun: He has the ability to do well in exams, even he doesn't understand anything.
  5. Takahi-kun: Circuit ace.
  6. Kiyo-kun: He has the greatest diligence I've ever seen.
  7. Satoshi-kun: He knows everything he's learned.No. 1 in my course.all-rounder too!
  8. Murashige-kun: Good at troubleshooting(diagnosis) problems.
Now, I wanna talk about my ex-classmates(5 Al-Razi, SDAR 2004).
  1. Munawar: phenomenal genius.never study but he has the full grasp of what he learned in in UK.
  2. Acap: all rounder.always 1st or in UIAM.
  3. Tubbies: math ace and also my best in NZ.
  4. Hakimi: troubleshooting guy. very good at tackling unusually hard in Ireland.
  5. Alom: my ex-deskmate for 2 years. helped me a lot with my English and in India.
  6. Ashlie: English ace. can speak various English accents.funny!!now in UK.
  7. Afiq: IT, computer ace. now in UTP.
  8. Manje: my best friend. very hardworking. always burned the midnight oil. and it paid off. now in Ireland.
  9. Kamek: He outranked me on our final year. Now in Ireland, and as smart as I bragging, OK!
They all have their ace subjects, which means everyone has their respective fields, and they are not stingy to share what they've got in their brains.

The bottom line is: be generous with your knowledge and help others who need help, and I know I can say Allah The Almighty is very fair, because everyone has their own gifts.

" don't ever forget that He lends to us what we have now,
and He could also TAKE THEM BACK."


  1. mcm mana nk jd mcm takuma kun tu....aku perlu kbolehan dia skrang...ada 3-4subject aku tgh xpaham ni....

  2. nak jadi cam die aku pon taktau la cara die..tapi kan, ntah camne die score je stiap kali exam.pelik.ramai member aku kata die pandai cari points utk exam, khas utk exam je tau.padahal die same 'bangang' ng aku..huhu

    oh, btw, dalam nihongo nye..要領が良い学生。


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