Monday, January 12, 2009

Easy Damn Translation??

Hi Minna-san!!

my 4 renkyu(4 consecutive days off) is finally over.

with otai, si bulat

i didn't go out, didn't study, didn't do my damn report, didn't do was just the whole day of sitting in front of PC, eating junk foods, drinking milk, chatting, watching soccer, damaging my eyes, hopblogging, dreaming wet..haha u name it!!

but by the way, my real post now is about a trick to do your homework or report faster than usual, but it's for those who are now studying in japan, my friends here, that is. i call it EASY DAMN TRANSLATION!!

credit to Bart, now working in Tokyo for a US Telco, for revealing to me that trick!! Actually i was just back from snowboarding at Nagano at that time, and as usual i did last-minute work. the next day was my classes and i had to submit my report(the report was to due on the next day). i was pretty desperate and i needed to do my report fast..and HE told me that damn benri trick!!

There's a site i know that can translate
english sentences to japanese.
The trick is just write your report in English
and the site will translate it to japanese for you.
Easy, right? Just copy paste and it is DONE!!

But actually, the translation is not well done in some circumtances. So, before you submit, please make sure nihongo used by the site is appropiate and suitable, ok.

ps: don't do this in front of your sensei ye!!
pss: fyi, i knew the site since i'd got here(almost 2 years ago) but haven't ever tried the trick untill i realized it last week.


  1. alahai ksian gile cikun baru tau website ni....hahahaha

  2. haha dulu aku ingat site tu ley translate word je..rupanya ayat pnjg2 pon boley..haha..

    but nway, dulu ak rajin..haha..
    mane main trick2 camni..hehe lol

  3. hahaha aku pn xpnah guna website ni slalu le nmpak nihonjin pkai...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. used bablefish once. :p lbh kurg r kot.

  6. haha ye lah..babel fish pon orait je..

  7. haha kalu ko tgk dekat2 lg la pesat perkembangan nya..hehe


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