Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gifts from HIM.

As someone who's been watching Heroes, I can't help but thinking about those superb abilities, like Enhanced Memory possessed by Charlie Andrews, or Space-Time Manipulation(by Hiro Nakamura), and to use them in real world.(like when sitting for exams)

Yes, to think immaturely like that is very absurd, crappy-yuckie. Oh no, please tell me it's just as crappy as the previous post(scroll down, please).

At Saitama University here, I'm very lucky to have my Japanese friends who always help me whenever I have some "holes" in my studies. Each of them has their gifts, and how I wish I could get hands on their fortes. Here there are:

  1. Shinoda-kun: He's all-rounder, and he's exceptional.
  2. Kei-kun: Programming specialist. Also cute.LOL.
  3. Nocchi-kun: Analysis ability. that's why he can easily grasp whatever graphs or charts he reads.
  4. Takuma-kun: He has the ability to do well in exams, even he doesn't understand anything.
  5. Takahi-kun: Circuit ace.
  6. Kiyo-kun: He has the greatest diligence I've ever seen.
  7. Satoshi-kun: He knows everything he's learned.No. 1 in my course.all-rounder too!
  8. Murashige-kun: Good at troubleshooting(diagnosis) problems.
Now, I wanna talk about my ex-classmates(5 Al-Razi, SDAR 2004).
  1. Munawar: phenomenal genius.never study but he has the full grasp of what he learned in in UK.
  2. Acap: all rounder.always 1st or in UIAM.
  3. Tubbies: math ace and also my best in NZ.
  4. Hakimi: troubleshooting guy. very good at tackling unusually hard in Ireland.
  5. Alom: my ex-deskmate for 2 years. helped me a lot with my English and in India.
  6. Ashlie: English ace. can speak various English accents.funny!!now in UK.
  7. Afiq: IT, computer ace. now in UTP.
  8. Manje: my best friend. very hardworking. always burned the midnight oil. and it paid off. now in Ireland.
  9. Kamek: He outranked me on our final year. Now in Ireland, and as smart as I bragging, OK!
They all have their ace subjects, which means everyone has their respective fields, and they are not stingy to share what they've got in their brains.

The bottom line is: be generous with your knowledge and help others who need help, and I know I can say Allah The Almighty is very fair, because everyone has their own gifts.

" don't ever forget that He lends to us what we have now,
and He could also TAKE THEM BACK."

Friday, January 30, 2009

aku ingat tag dah over dah..

Crappie...crappie...crappie..another crappie.

hoho..what a crappie day!!

While I'm breathlessly 'performing' whatever craps here, I got tagged by insan yang gila, yes, I mean GILAly nutty.Fuzah(Pooja) memang giler!!

Alas, I have many crappy things to kill, plus not so mouthful(tak macam Neng and fuzah)so I'm gonna fulfill pooja's tag with quick answers.

7 ciri lelaki yang diminati:
  1. sexy...opps!!katakan aku x gei!!
  2. craps..never think of it.
  3. not interested.
  4. i said craps.none of my damn business.
  5. yes or no.I hit an honourable NO to answer this.ain't gay la!!
  6. x nak pikir dah.
  7. diam-diam sudah la ye..hehe.
7 lelaki yang pernah diminati:
  1. Takahashi Ryosuke from Initial D.
  2. Dr. JD from Scrubs.
  3. Takahashi sensei.(sensei電子回路).
  4. Jason Bourne.
  5. My daddy.
  6. Einstein, Newton and Paul Dirac.
  7. Aso sensei??
7 perasaan sekiranya keluar dengan insan yang diminati:
  1. feeling hot,like pussie pussie cat.
  2. feeling like gay!!
  3. feeling like kuyu.owch!it's not happening.
  4. feeling like a natural defect.
  5. terasa aku yang jadi balak.
  6. ko akan jeles ngan aku cik pooja oii.
  7. Dr. Elliot's gonna kill me.
7 tempat yang ingin dilawati bersama insan tersayang:
  1. Hokkaido.snowboarding 2gether.
  2. Pulau Sipadan.diving.
  3. Paris.(must go!!)
  4. Rumah mak mertua aka hometown babygirl.
  5. New Zealand.bungee jumping to death.
  6. I'll go whereever she wants to go.she has quota too.
  7. wherever she is..
7 barangan istemewa yang mungkin dihadiahkan untuk insan tersayang:
  1. Al-Quran.
  2. Buku Quantum Theory.
  3. whatever she imagines.
  4. bikini.hehe.
  5. tudung yang macam wardina.
  6. cincin(bukan cincin tu ye..hehe) yang the only one in the world.
  7. all of ME.she c0-owns me(besides HIM).
alamak..ada benda lain nak buat la..

adios, sanorita.

ps: damn this post!!pelik2 napa ada orang gay di dunia ini.
pss: oh btw, I don't want to tag anyone right now.wait till everyone settles down.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

please don't read this.

bilacikunmenulis is back after 5 days!!!


with nothing in it!!hehe..SORRY!!

I promise I'll post properly after all crappies are DONE.

ps: Gong Xi Fa Choi to all Chinese, especially to Ben, Abun, Ming, Lai, and last but not least, Lee Chong Wei and gf.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Zionis lagi


ps: I wonder how Obama will tackle this inevitable matter. ('coz he looks somber in his inaugural speech)

Monday, January 19, 2009

litte brother, big faith

I stumbled on an amazing video and I hope you guys watch it. This is about a very bright 8-year-old(cute) kid who is asked many questions by her crazy sister(she's cute too) about God.
Let's watch it!!I am very sure you will be shocked by his surprising answers!!

The sister : You believe in God?
The kid : Yeah, I believe in God.
The sister : Why?
The kid : because...because in the Koran, it says you have to believe in God.

The sister : How do you know the Koran is real? ( she continues bictching..)
The kid : I know it's real because I can touch it.(hehe..he's so damn cute here)

The sister : How do you know HE's real?
The kid : because it says in the Koran.(keeps insisting, man, he's got very strong faith)

The sister : How do you know HE's real if you can touch him or see him or anything..
The kid : There is, because who made the grass, and like..who could make the grass?who could make the cheese? ...bla3..(he really looks like an adult, but in childish way)

As the vid goes on, she is making stuffs up to make him doubt about the existence of God(ALLAH).

The sister : How do you God was just there?
The kid : Because it's impossible to someone to make the grass. (haha why grass, kid??)

The sister : Nobody made it, it was just there.
The kid : Yeah, God made it. God made everything first and
then God made us.
(looks like he reads a lot)

The sister : How do you know the God made the grass that you were born and the grass was just there.
The kid : .......(long pause..he's thinking)...haaaaaaa??(LOL..he's hilarious!!, cant bear it!!!)
The sister : ehahaha..(sorry, I don't know how to spell the laugh)

and when he is asked about what if God did not make the grass, or the grass was on their own, this smart kid says,

"It's impossible...(he's wondering how to elaborate more)...pretend if someone.......
I would k
now that it's really impossible...It's so creative.."
(the sister's really torturing her chibi(little) bro)

the sister asks again,"what's so creative?,and without no doubt, he answers,"everything that HE made". and he adds more,"God didn't make this house but HE did make the things that are in it".

the conversation continues..

The sister : What are the things that He made in the house.
The kid : As you see in the mirror, who'd like how it'd be reflected. God makes it reflected.(this one is unexpecting, huh)

and someone disturbs them..and it ends..

I am so thrilled with how smart the kid is. Can't imagine what I was like when I was 8 year old. Even though the sister gives him such a hard time, or should I say, it's more like an interrogation on him, the kid answers with astonishingly flying colours. wow wow..I am so so so moved!!
He's smart, and I hope he will be very good muslim when he grows up.

ps: the sister is not a bitch. Frankly speaking, she's my what-if girl.hehe..gatal!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

hugging toughness ahead..

It's about killing time and killing space. Whatever it means, say Einstein's rants, or Stephen Hawking's lectures, this is almost time to me to turn to serious mode: fighting mode. Remember cikun, stuffs ahead are getting more challenging.

"Ouch, i am still 22 ok!! why i have to do al these craps??",
my budak-budak characteristic tried to control my mind, but finally I gave it a killing shot, i mean a shot,real shot right to its tail!! TIME TO WAKE UP, dude!!

Yesterday, unexpectedly I was just appointed as one of the AJK for MSAJ(Malaysian Students Association of Japan) for Kanto Area. Honestly, I was surprisingly shocked, as I came to the meeting with a great craving for food.

I am OK with the appointment, but deep inside, there's a voice that keep reminding me to not accept the AJK post.Why?It's simple, I was once determined to NOT have any post(jawatan) in any organisation during my studies in Saitama. At that time, I was enough with all these persatuan's stuffs. It's like retirement, should i say.

But, today's competitiveness makes real differences. Had Aida NOT suggested my name to the appointment for new committee, perhaps I would remain as I am now, without any significant better changes. I guess she has opened the door. Perhaps, yesterday's event may become an opportune change for me. And if it turned to be like that, there's no more other than saying thanks to her.

And again, my priority comes first.EXAMS. Mine will be starting next week, which is at the end of January. This time is different;I am struggling.

I'd failed one subject now, due to lack of motivation to come to the class(火曜日、①時限).And I'll never let other subjects slip too, not now. It's very pathetic. Worse, lately I've been literally hooked up on Scrubs and Initial D(which I'd watched it many times). And I am planting other commintment too now(no one knows this except me and..).

The point is..
the real challenge now is to get balanced, and to remain motivated.

Lastly, I wanna say..
To Palestinians, NEVER GIVE UP!!..and I'm not willing to lose to you guys. I'm fighting too!!
To PAS, congrats on KT. Make differences!!
To BN, change!!
To all SAIDAIans, look, exam is just around the corner. gambarou!!
To new AJKMSAJ2009, congrats too for your appointment.
To all of you who are sitting exams, break more legs!!
To Frank Lampard, I believe Chelsea is still a contender.GET TOUGH!!

ps: my motivation forms sinus graph..damn it!! Make it better line dude!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

today is historic

this post is dedicated only to myself.

Jan 15th, I'd made a very historic decision.that's all.
remember that, si tembam.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

pipiku makin tembam.

nak wat camne nih..

sume yg aku makan pergi kat pipi.
so, pipiku makin tembam.
tambahan pulak aku jarang senam skg ni.
teringat dulu masa kat SDAR, kalau ade je budak yg tak turun padang, ade la mulut yang akan membebel,

"haa..mendak je ko ni ye"

hehe, well, actually xde ape nak post, maklumlah skg ni makin nak dekat ng final.
so, mari kita lihat pipiku yg makin tembam..KABooMM!!!

si tembam

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Easy Damn Translation??

Hi Minna-san!!

my 4 renkyu(4 consecutive days off) is finally over.

with otai, si bulat

i didn't go out, didn't study, didn't do my damn report, didn't do was just the whole day of sitting in front of PC, eating junk foods, drinking milk, chatting, watching soccer, damaging my eyes, hopblogging, dreaming wet..haha u name it!!

but by the way, my real post now is about a trick to do your homework or report faster than usual, but it's for those who are now studying in japan, my friends here, that is. i call it EASY DAMN TRANSLATION!!

credit to Bart, now working in Tokyo for a US Telco, for revealing to me that trick!! Actually i was just back from snowboarding at Nagano at that time, and as usual i did last-minute work. the next day was my classes and i had to submit my report(the report was to due on the next day). i was pretty desperate and i needed to do my report fast..and HE told me that damn benri trick!!

There's a site i know that can translate
english sentences to japanese.
The trick is just write your report in English
and the site will translate it to japanese for you.
Easy, right? Just copy paste and it is DONE!!

But actually, the translation is not well done in some circumtances. So, before you submit, please make sure nihongo used by the site is appropiate and suitable, ok.

ps: don't do this in front of your sensei ye!!
pss: fyi, i knew the site since i'd got here(almost 2 years ago) but haven't ever tried the trick untill i realized it last week.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Doa untuk mereka.


Please don't break or putuskan mail ni...keep on fowarding to ur friend insyallah aminkan doa kita ini. we make a doa' for our suffering Muslims ummah in Palestine , Afghanistan , Iraq , Chechnya, Kashmir and anywhere else around the globe. If each of us makes a doa' and send this friendly reminder to other muslims, just imagine how much good deed we will receive (without realising so).
"Ya Allah, selamatkanlah umat Islam yg sedang sengsara di Palestin, Afghanistan , Iraq , Chechnya serta diseluruh pelosok dunia akibat dari angkara mungkar dan kekejaman musuh musuh Mu. Peliharakanlah mereka, lindungilah mereka, dan jadikanlah kami semua hamba2 Mu yang bertaqwa..."

My First Ever Birthday Party

Hi Minna-san,

7th Jan 2009 at Kashmir Restaurant

It was my first (belated) birthday party(my DOB is 6th Jan)..and i was literally moved..actually, i've been longing for a birthday party (in appearance i seem not to favor for it).

Thinking again, i am not the kind of normal person who is normally fond of チョコ(chocolate), andケーキ(cake). and because of that abnormality of mine, i've never celebrated my birthday party before, NOT ever, not even once.

Again to whoever who had wished me(in facebook, friendster), THANKS!!

To Rahimi, Zu, thanks for the wonderful party.

To Hajar(Born on 3rd Jan), hopefully you will remember our shared birthday party!

To DENDEN team(Hidayat, Ridzal, yb), you're all awesome for being so supportive!

To Apun, Saufi and Jimu, thanks for the song.

I dunno what to say. .they are all fantastic!!
But, now i know the feeling of being celebrated!!or celebrity should i say??ahakzz..haha

i just finished Scrubs Season 2 and there is one saying from it that has a very strong effect on me,
at the end of episode 18, the main character, JD says,

"..because nothing sucks than feeling all alone"

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

tamatlah cuti musim sejuk ku!!

Hi Minna san!!

it's been 2 days after my winter break broke!!, but yet, i'm not getting ready yet to start all over again with my studies.but, i should be happy now.
THANKS A ZILLION to all my friends who wished me SWEET 22, not to mention my family as well.

Still, i'm feeling good, stuffs around also side with me.

By the way, i'm not going to tell you guys about what i was doing during my winter break, but i'd like to highlight some things that have been swinging (good and bad) me lately.

  1. i spent the whole winter break with my huhahuha friends. thanks to them, i wasn't feeling sad at all.
  2. i made a lot of new friends.(thanks to JAD guys for fantastic snowboarding trip.also nice knowing u evy madehah)
  3. of course i like all my friends.(coz i've learnt to accept all my friends' dark sides.)
  4. i am happy.
  5. Very felt debted to OTAI. Thanks for everything.
  6. Thanks to AfiqMS, for He's getting older.


  1. Haha..myfinancial problems are rising like never stop.
  2. Still single..opps!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

out for 2 days

Hi Minna-san yo!!

Since returning from Nagano, it's been 3 days of lazing around.
Being almost like pouch potato, i've been gluing
myself in front of my 2 PCs, watching movies, dramas, tv series.

No outings.
Only met few friends.

i just wanted to be alone at home.
You know, people sometimes need their own time.
So, i decided to not work during winter break,
leaving myself with lots of leisure.

today, i'm going out for 2 days at least.
wanna visit my friends at hachioji and tokai.
also probably(i haven't decided yet) go for
another snowboarding.
I LOVE THAT!! depends on pitih (money) i have.

Also, i realized lately that i've been procrastinating lots of stuffs.
though i guess this new year is giving me another chance to make amends.

Oh, I haven't collecting all my pictures at Nagano from JAD fella.
Also some videos that i skillfully took while
snowboarding down the mountains.
hehe which i think one of the coolest things i've ever done.

Later i guess.Now it's not the time.

Ok Minna-san!!

ps: sweet 22 kepada birthday boy OTAI !!おめでとう!!
pss: still colourful post!hope u guys dun mind.

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