Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is that makes sense?

I had a discussion with some of my friends about the political situation in Malaysia last couple of days. Some of us had different opinions regarding the oppositions, as well as the government as some of the promises that the apposition did does not make sense to us.

1. The reduction of fuel price as low as RM1.50 per liter
At the first glance, yes, it's kind of 'sangat menguntungkan rakyat' coz the price is very cheap, and I guess most people(who do not learn economics, or at least do not have some basic in econs) would be very happy with that. But hey, think about this, if they can reduce the fuel price, up to RM1.50 per liter, that means government has to subsidy almost 66.7%! That's impossible. Well, it's not impossible, but that's crazy. How can you subsidized up to 66.7% just for fuel? This is business, if we do not make enough profit, there's no way government can get profit in return as well. If the government cannot get profit in return, pendapatan negara pon terjejas jugak. I'm very sure, if the fuel price is as low as this, other thing would be very expensive. This is business, it's not badan kebajikan. Business aim is to get profit.

2. BTN should be stopped because it can cause the disunited of Malaysians
The opposition claimed the module in BTN cause this problem. They claimed BTN is a medium where the government 'brain wash' people to be on their side. They challenged the government to stop BTN if we want to realize 1Malaysia. They do not want to have any difference in anything, including education, politic, economy, etc. But look, when we suggest to close SJKC (Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina) and SJKT (Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil), and just having Sekolah Kebangsaan instead (only one type of school), so that we can educate the patriotism without having separated according to race in school, they are reluctant to do so. They said, race sentiment is very sensitive and cannot be touched. pulak dah?Kate nk sgt equal td?

3. They said we should unite as one entity- Malaysia.
They suggest there should be no distinction between Malays, Chinese, Indians, and other races as well. It's very similar to 1Malaysia concept. I kind of agree with this; but we have to remember, at some points, Malays have the priority with Hak keistimewaan melayu. And we all agreed this matter cannot be touched, and argued. We all know that. And even if, let say one day we demolish the hak keistimewaan melayu, and the Prime Minister is Chinese or Indian or any other races than Malay, I think they will also give the priority to their own race. But, history has told us to respect what happened in the past, and do not touch anything that we already agreed.

p/s: Anyways, why am I 'bebel'ing here again?

Friday, December 4, 2009

wasting time.

Name: Zunita Ramli
Sisters : 2
Brothers :none
Shoe size : 7 or 8 (US-women)
Height : 167cm
Where do you live : Victoria,Melbourne, AUSTRALIA!
Have you,
ever been on a plane : obviously
Swam in the ocean : never. xreti swim pon.hehe
Fallen asleep at school : sangat pernah.hehe
Fell off your chair : cm xpenah je? ke xigt kalau penah
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: not by the phone, but in front of the skype:D
Saved e-mails : well,important mails
What is your room like :full with IKEA stuffs
What’s right beside you:katil, kerusi, meja
What is the last thing you ate :sushi
Ever had,
Chicken pox : yes, first year here
Sore throat : yes,byk kali da
Broken nose : nay
Do you
believe in love at first sight :(*-*)
Like picnics :sangat2!
Who was/were,
The last person you danced with:entah.sape pon xigt
Last made you smile : ade kat depan ni!!on skype:D
Today Did You,
Talk to someone you like : definitely
Kissed anyone : nope =(
Get sick :sick of unstable emotion
Miss someone : every single day

Who do you really hate :rahsia
Do you like your hand-writing : yes,i do.very much indeed.wink2:D
Are your toe nails painted : nope
Whose bed other than yours would
you rather sleep in : ehem2.hihi
What color shirt are you wearing now : baby blue
Are you a friendly person : err.not till u approach me first i guess
Do you have any pets 'em!
Do you sleep with the TV on :jarang tgk tv kt cni.sleep while laptop is on slalu la.:D
What are you doing right now :menanti detik 16dec!
Can you handle the truth :mmm..
Are you closer to your mother or father : mom
Do you eat healthy : xmakan sayur and daging.healthy x rase2?
If you’re having a bad day,
who are you most likely to go to :him!
Are you loud or quiet most of the time :err..emotional i guess.kan sayang kan?
Are you confident : err..:S

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire,
1. kawen cepat2!haha
2. melancong dan melencong to europe
3. shop till i drop
4. derma kat badan2 kebajikan:)
5. invest babeh!

5 things I was doing 10 years ago, (in standard 6)
1. sangat rajin,sangat la spotlight of the family n school
2. masuk Sekolah Tun Fatimah,JB after UPSR
3. g tolong abah berniaga, pas2 cilok2 duit then g beli stationary yg best2
4. maen netball smpai peringkat negeri
5. mm..err..isk..*blank* T_T

5 of my bad habits
1. tido adalah bende paling best dlm dunia,so kalau ms mengizinkan, saya bole tido smpai 13jam!
2. suke, menabung kalau ade bende utk dibeli.cukup duit, beli brg,saving kosong balik. basically, saye xde saving:S
3. sangat malas study
4. saye emotional tidak kire masa dan tempat
5. oh well, sy suke menangis.haha.lately nye habit.bole x?:P

5 places i’ve lived/am living
1. Kuala Pilah,NS
2. Sekolah Tun Fatimah,JB
3. Millenium Court, PJ
4. Ridzuan Condominium, Sunway
5. Victoria,Melbourne

p/s: opss..terupdate plak:D

Friday, November 13, 2009

路上パソコン[street computing]…crazy!!

I just wanna share one of the current crazy things here in Japan, which they call it “street computing”. Briefly it’s about some computer’s otaku who always carry around their laptop while walking, or even while riding bicycle.<—Ripleys, believe it.:P

I was wondering if they know about iPhone or BB. :P

Should I give them my iPhone?:P

omg..this is………………. this is………….





-other than 路上パソコン, another examples of 路上家族 is 路上チュー(street kissing)..ahakssss:P

ehem ehem..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

試験 aka 戦争

exam aka war

She’s going to battlefield starting today.

May everything will be smooth for her for the rest of finals weeks. And after that, InsyaAllah, it’s just a matter of time.

I will have the best time of my life when she’s here a month from now.:)

Really can’t wait for that!!

Good Luck, baby!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

youtube will be GONE!..soon.

 click on the pic to watch:)

utube hancur’s about a commercial ad about an energy company named Acciona, a Spanish company. The video starts by a suit-dressed man is slowly blasted, and finally crushed. Then, the video player itself begins to split into half length, plus parts of the site that exists in the turn shakes, and it falls.

Haha. Anyways, nice vid!! WORTH watching!

Where life is what matters..

Yesterday I visited my friends, Keri and Hadi at the Saitama Red Cross Hospital (埼玉赤十字病院) at Omiya. I just could be allowed to see Keri, as Hadi was still in ICU.

Looking at what had happened to them, I realized that I’ve been taking many  things for granted, especially life matters. Keri did say he felt so sad and regret for what happened to them.

But, here what friends for, I believe all of us, their friends, family members have been praying for them non-stoply. We didn’t want that accident, it’s just when things we don’t want to happen are meant to happen, we have just to accept those things, whether we like it or not.

Enough said, may Allah fulfill our prayers, hopefully they will  recover soon:)


Friday, November 6, 2009


beware-this is a ranting from cikuniz

Lately all things around me have been keeping me busy. Lots of things to catch up, many unfinished tasks, useless time-spending, and dealing with variety of human problems.

Let’s see how I’m gonna do with all those things. I would say this time is not that hard. Handling MSAJ Futsal Tournament is not a heavy task, yet it’s taking my time a bit. I must finish it no matter what. It’s a responsibility I need to accomplish.

Sigh? I’d rather say NO at the first place~~

Then, I have JLPT exam-ikyuu, and there’s a mere one month to get prepared, which I’m studying it againts the clock, killing, using any spare time I have. I need to score, because I think I can do it. I have to be all set within one month, no less, please~

険しい?? haha this just an example. Some useless kanji I need to memorize. lol

I regret for I was so lazy. I should have started all the preparations long time ago. Sometimes I think I took the exam for granted, or I might have feel overconfident, bad, huh.

Help me to avoid that feeling ya Allah~Everything that I have comes from you, and you can take back anytime you want. Please give me strength, please give me your nikmat.

OK, how about my main studies-EE or 電電. Am I in a good shape? Actually, it’s still OK, but why I feel like I neglect my studies. Why I’m not taking it seriously, or even have and properly follow my own study schedule? Oh God, please Shahrul Nizam, get your act together. You need to overcome the challenges, you need to have strong and firm motivation.

I remember my mom, her mom, and my baby, they always say,

“buat pelan2, you can do it”

Yes, do it slowly. Be strong then.

How about my passion? Honestly, I really wanna play badminton actively. I wanna test my talent, and improve it from time to time. Badminton is the only sport I play with ultimate joy. Futsal is my fav too, but it’s sometimes stressful. Badminton isn’t. If I wanna play with satisfaction, I need to go to Tokyo, near Musashi-Koyama, an-hour-by-train. I can’t afford to go there so often.

Well, not everything was bad. Here, along with Saidaians, lead by Rahimi, we managed to set up a stall/gerai during むつめ際, a cultural festival in Saitama Uni. To be frank, I actually didn’t really care about how many profits we got, I just hope the activity could tie us closer, and we could feel the fun doing it together, no less no more. Anyways, thanks a lot to Rahimi, for make it happen. gets colder, so as my brain. I need to do a lot of programming in my lab. I’m not good at it. But I love to see my codings work. haha. Study becomes tougher and tougher. Time-management is really important. Less FBing, Youtubeing, and Stumbling is demanded. Could I resist it?


-Miss my time at SDAR

-The bestest good luck to my babygirl, and to my sis, Nina in both your final exams and SPM~

-Oh, I forgot, the best too for myself!!

-Maleh nye nak baito time sejuk2 camni..aishhh~~

-sorry for this rants.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

行きましょう~~no need yodobashi after this:)

Ikebukuro-The biggest LABI(Yamada Denki) in Japan has just kick-started their operation yesterday!

Well, pity for Biccamera( located just the opposite side of LABI), they surely have a blow in sale revenue after this.


IMG_0868New LABI in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jangan jadi kacang.

IMG_0101Ia mengejar kecemerlangan tanpa lupa daratan, Berperwatakan hebat, bersopan, Sejauh mana kejayaan ditempa, Balik mencium tangan ibu bapa, Di barisan hadapan sebagai pembela, Ilmu di dada menabur jasa, Semakin memuncak cita-cita, Semakin tunduk pada yang Esa.

-Profil Pelajar SDAR-

gambar aku bersama kiyo-kun.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


One thing about internet is, we can easily share our thoughts and life experiences, no matter where you are, what citizenship you have, or no matter what native language you speak.

I happened to click on this, from friends facebook, which I found very interesting and funny to read.

And here’s are few of my favs;

“Today, I was texting my boyfriend and he said he was hungry. I replied so was I. I called pizza hut and ordered a pizza and told them to deliver it to his house. In the next 20 minutes a pizza hut guy came to his door giving him a pizza already paid for. 5 minutes after he texted me thank-you, an ice cream truck pulled up in my drive saying have whatever you want. I love my boyfriend.MLIA”

I love my girlfriend. She always say to me, “you nakal nakal nakal!”":P

“Today, after several months of trying to get my hot neighbor's attention by dressing in pretty clothes and wearing make-up, I decided that it is a lost cause. This morning, I slipped into a pair of faded jeans and a white t-shirt and only wore lip gloss and was leaving my house to walk to Starbucks. I meet him in the hallway and Mr. Usually Oblivious says to me "You look pretty today," and asks if he can join me. All this time he's just been waiting for me to be myself. Average is good. MLIA”

Easy, huh? Just be yourself:)

“Today, I was watching Jimmy Neutron. At one point, Jimmy said "I sense a disturbance in my pants, ma'am." I laughed. MLIA”

Disturbances. For me, it’s bout how you define it. if you are not disturbed by it at all, why to worry?

“Today, I got into a car accident. I then came home and checked my facebook, and I had a friend request. From the kid who hit me. MLIA”

Forgiveness. BIG meaning:)


And lastly, my fav pic,


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Iklan U-Mobile

malay tongue twister: Kakak ku kata, kuku kaki ku kotor. Ku kikis kuku kotor kaki ku. 

These vids from U-Mobile have always been my favourite!!






For those who know why I post this entry, please shut up. And think.



Dalam sebuah riwayat menceritakan, pada suatu hari Luqman Hakim telah masuk ke dalam pasar dengan menaiki seekor himar, manakala anaknya mengikut dari belakang. Melihat tingkah laku Luqman itu, setengah orang pun berkata, 'Lihat itu orang tua yang tidak bertimbang rasa, sedangkan anaknya dibiarkan berjalan kaki."

Setelah mendengarkan desas-desus dari orang ramai maka Luqman pun turun dari himarnya itu lalu diletakkan anaknya di atas himar itu. Melihat yang demikian, maka orang di passar itu berkata pula, "Lihat orang tuanya berjalan kaki sedangkan anaknya sedap menaiki himar itu, sungguh kurang adab anak itu."

Sebaik sahaja mendengar kata-kata itu, Luqman pun terus naik ke atas belakang himar itu bersama-sama dengan anaknya. Kemudian orang ramai pula berkata lagi, "Lihat itu dua orang menaiki seekor himar, adalah sungguh menyiksakan himar itu."

Oleh kerana tidak suka mendengar percakapan orang, maka Luqman dan anaknya turun dari himar itu, kemudian terdengar lagi suara orang berkata, "Dua orang berjalan kaki, sedangkan himar itu tidak dikenderai."

Dalam perjalanan mereka kedua beranak itu pulang ke rumah, Luqman Hakim telah menasihatai anaknya tentang sikap manusia dan telatah mereka, katanya,

"Sesungguhnya tiada terlepas seseorang itu dari percakapan manusia. Maka orang yang berakal tiadalah dia mengambil pertimbangan melainkan kepada Allah S.W.T sahaja. Barang siapa mengenal kebenaran, itulah yang menjadi pertimbangannya dalam tiap-tiap satu."

Kemudian Luqman Hakim berpesan kepada anaknya, katanya,

"Wahai anakku, tuntutlah rezeki yang halal supaya kamu tidak menjadi fakir. Sesungguhnya tiadalah orang fakir itu melainkan tertimpa kepadanya tiga perkara, iaitu tipis keyakinannya (iman) tentang agamanya, lemah akalnya (mudah tertipu dan diperdayai orang) dan hilang kemuliaan hatinya (keperibadiannya), dan lebih celaka lagi daripada tiga perkara itu ialah orang-orang yang suka merendah-rendahkan dan meringan-ringankannya."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


イメチェン-abbr. for イメージチェンジ(image change).

It usually refers to a rising trend among OLs(office lady) in Japan, where after 5 pm, right after working hours end, they creatively make some changes in their appreances.


Haha. Do I need changes?

Arghh. About my current study-honestly I have limited time. バイト(part-time jobs), バド(badminton), futsal and MSAJ take my free time too much. She’s right. I need to slowdown.

So much that I realized time-management is soooo important!

Sigh~Need to study programming. Sucks.

Friday, October 16, 2009

H-1-N-1 versi lembah sepet

I was just as shocked as everyone else.Yelah, to know that the pandemic showed its true colours during the Raya Celebration at embassy last Sunday was really soooo surprising!

As for now, 2 Malaysian students at Saitama Uni have been diagnosed with the flu. While in Tokyo Tech, more and more Malaysian students have registered to join the flu club. Interesting. isn’t it?

I believed Pn Siti Zaharah has emailed everyone to be ready and to take precautious steps to counter this bab-i flu.

Hope this doesn’t get worse, or else this might be a chaos in the Malaysian newspapers.


To Rahimi and Zuraini, get well, OK?

Thursday, October 15, 2009



For 工学部, here’s the updated link where all cancelled lectures are annouced.

keitai’s view is here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MSAJ All Japan Sports Festival (MSAJ 全日本スポーツ大会)

Here I have an annoucement…

Kepada semua ahli MSAJ,

Tibalah masa yang dinanti-nantikan! Tahun ini MSAJ akan menganjurkan “MSAJ All Japan Sports Festival”.

MSAJ All Japan Sports Tournament ( MSAJ 全日本スポーツ大会 )

Tarikh : 22 November 2009 ( Ahad )

Tempat : CK Square NIIZA di Saitama-ken ( depan 新座駅 )
( Futsal ) – Tingkat 8
( Bowling ) – Tingkat 6

Masa : 11.00am – 6.30pm
( Futsal ) – 11.00am – 6.30pm
( Bowling ) – 2.00pm – 6.30pm

*Penyertaan adalah terbuka kepada semua pelajar Malaysia di Jepun
*Bayaran tambahan akan dikenakan bagi peserta bukan ahli MSAJ

1.Setiap pasukan hendaklah terdiri daripada 5 pemain dan dihadkan seramai 3 pemain simpanan.
2. Yuran pendaftaran adalah 5000yen bagi satu pasukan (bayaran sebanyak 500yen akan dikenakan ke atas setiap PESERTA bukan ahli MSAJ ).
3.Setiap pasukan dikehendaki menghantar satu pemain untuk menjadi pengadil.
4. Hadiah dalam bentuk wang tunai, piala, dan pingat untuk pemenang-pemenang tempat PERTAMA,KEDUA DAN KETIGA.
5. Tempat penyertaan adalah terhad kepada pasukan mendaftar dahulu.

1. Setiap pasukan hendaklah terdiri daripada 4 pemain (pemain wanita adalah dialu-alukan )
2. Yuran pendaftaran 2000yen bagi satu pasukan
( bayaran lebih sebanyak 200yen akan dikenakan ke atas setiap PESERTA jika bukan ahli MSAJ )
*yuran pendaftaran tidak termasuk bayaran kasut
3. Hadiah dalam bentuk pingat untuk pasukan-pasukan tempat PERTAMA DAN KEDUA.
4. Piala juga akan dianugerahkan kepada “Top 3 Bowler”.
5. Penyertaan adalah terhad kepada 10 pasukan pertama yang mendaftar dahulu.

Kepada sesiapa yang berminat, sila “download” dan isikan borang penyertaan. Namakan fail  *nama pasukan*_msajsport.xls dan hantar kepada emel berikut. Amaran: Penyertaan tidak akan diterima jika borang tidak digunakan atau tidak lengkap.

Shahrul Nizam bin Azman ( Cikun )

Lai Chai Ei ( Lai )

TARIKH TUTUP: 31 Oktober 2009

Sebarang pertanyaan boleh ditujukan kepada Lai ( 080-3534-0296 ) atau Cikun ( 080-3398-2620 ) atau melalui laman web MSAJ ( )

Yang menjalankan tugas,
AJK Sukan dan Rekreasi

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Badminton Tournament

Yesterday I competed in the Foreign Autumn Sports Fair which was held in Chuo-ku Sogo Gymnasium in Tokyo(Hamacho Station) and considering that our team didn’t really train beforehand, we showed some persistence to win the 4th place. Yeah it was great!

Actually we had 4 Malaysian teams for badminton. 3 for men and 1 for women. I thought there just 2 teams from Malaysia. So glad to know others joined us as well. The other Malaysian teams were from Nagaoka National University, 高専 somewhere there and from private university. They got 7th place and 8th place. Still OK:)

For my team, I assembled the team and the members are:

  1. Shahrul Nizam Azman. 埼玉大
  2. Masmustaqeem Abu Bakar. 千葉大
  3. Hasnor Sani Abdul Hamid. 千葉大
  4. See Chin Chet. 東京工業
  5. Ooi Shukeat. 社会人

DSC04300 Malaysia Boleh! Men team.

In semifinal, we lost to the eventual champion, and in 3/4 place, we lost in a fighting way, as we all lost in rubber sets.

Oh by the way, the format was like Thomas Cup, with just 1 single game and 2 double games. The team who won 2 games have the glory.

DSC04305 Men team+Women team

And, finally..

I was tired.

Kruk Krak Kruk Krak through out my muscles.:P

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lab and いろいろ

I’ve got my lab projects for this semester, and there’re as follows:

  • Simulations on Information and Communication Engineering.
  • Perfomance Tests on Wireless Network
  • Sensor system

Each lab will be conducted within 4 weeks, and it will be different from last semester, tougher and harder.

And, I need to prepare for the JLPT exam too. Lots of kanjis to remember. Hope I can have some fun memorizing them:)

And lastly, about badminton.

I have tournament today.

Can’t wait to see my arcsaber10 in action!



-kenyang makan byk masa saidai open house, thx minna!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It’s “ほらいえきでん”. Uniquely, we have to read it from right to left. And it brings the meaning of “catch(捕) the lighting(雷), then manipulate it to produce electrics(電), to benefit(役) human being”.

The weird kanji(read from right to left) is actually from my 高電圧工学 class. Haha, nothing interesting actually, I just wanna share to you all one of the wierdo of the thousands of kanji out there.

Move on.

Outside it’s cold and raining. Yes, IT’S AUTUMN who’s coming. The temperature now continues to drop. COLD. And I don’t like coldness.

And, this year is year of disasters. You try google for “2009 disasters” and LOTS of disasters might really make us awake that the world isn’t stable anymore.

This is the latest in Japan.

The typhoon no.18 is said to be coming to Tokyo. Till now, it has struck Okinawa and Kagoshima. And it steadily is moving west, approching the Kanto area, including Saitama. The powerful typhoon is expected to attack Saitamaians between Thursday and Friday this week.Ohh..


Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Ibaraki are the most potential prefectures to be approached by the typhoon.


Sediakan payung sebelum hujan yee..

Friday, October 2, 2009

get clickin’

I wasn’t like last semester. I was excited and determined.

This academic term is gonna be busy, I promise.

Haha. Not busy study, but busy with many things. Study is a MUST, plus I have baito, plus my weekly badminton on Wedesday, MSAJ matters, plus many things.

Yap Yap. I need to stay cool, healthy and motivated.


ps: it gets colder. 寒い。。

pss: I know she’s always there for me.:)

Thursday, October 1, 2009


This post has two parts, the reminiscence and the current events. Looong and boring.hehe.


This past few days have made me recall one of my high school students passion, which was badminton. I reminisce a lot about it lately, and it DOES feel good.

I remember our glory as district player, training very passionately towards the state level. We made far well than we had thought, just losing to the defending double champ, who was last year state champion in the quarter final. It was a straight set, but we put really great fight to torture the champion.

From the beginning, my school is not a project school for churning out badminton talents. Well, because of the hardwork and the determination of our school players, plus the support from the principal( Mr Rauhi likes badminton so much!), we managed to swipe the men singles and doubles in the district level.

Next, to the state level. And now we’re trained like hell by our young coach, one of the natioanal players from NS. He showed us some hidden skills, and he made us learning from basics.

Oh by the way, I’m a double player. I partnered up with Shukran, or Hanan, and together we brushed up our skills and the best thing was, we once were picked up to represent our state to the national level. There were 8 doubles that were selected, and only 3 could make it to te national. But, we didn’t go to the selection, as Mr Rauhi didn’t permit us, certainly because he wanted us to focus on SPM.

Haha. That’s what he said(focusing on SPM), but we continued playing. Along with our juniors, we even infiltrated the locked badminton hall, and luckily we never got busted. And even if we got cought, I think nothing would bad happen, as we had the school boss backing us up! Plus, apparently and coincidentally the majority of the badminton players really had good results. You see, now I’m in Japan, and Shukran’s now in Rep. Cech, pursuing his medicine.

During my high school days, the point system used was 15-points system. The system enable us to play longer, and much importantly, to feel secure making silly mistakes. Now the currently-used 21 point system doesn’t give the players any chances to screw up. Worse, the game becomes shorter than before.

The current point system actually helped Roslin Hashim to gain his mere 2-week-only number one in the world ranking. He’s the second Malaysian player to achieve that, while Lee Chong Wei is the third one.

Personally, I don’t like the system. I prefer to play longer. We all do, right?



It’s the YONEX Japan Open that actually sparks my passion back. I went to the semi-finals and finals on 26th and 27th September. Sadly, no Malaysian players made it to the semi-finals.

I was given by the embassy 15 free tickets to the semis and 5 tickets to the finals. On behalf of MSAJ, and I was in-charge to distribute the tickets to Malaysian students who wanna go to the event. But as expected, not many who wanted to go. What I can conclude are, first, many were in Malaysia to have their summer hols there, and second, Malaysian players led by Lee Chong Wei were putting their asses down back to Malaysia. Haha still, I didn’t care, as what I wanna watch is world-class badminton!


In the semifinal day, There’re about 12 students who got into the venue stadium, which was Tokyo Gymnasium near the Sendagaya Eki, while during the final day, 5 students came, with the group from embassy, led by En Redha. Pn. Siti Zaharah also showed up with her husband and kids.

There, I watched Taufik Hidayat and Bao Chunlai playing in the final. The former was simply awesome in the semi, but due to reasons I didn’t know, his performance was near par during his defeat to Bao Chunlai in the final.

on the left is Taufik, Chunlai on the right

Markis Kido-Hendra Setiawan partnership also was world-class level. They showed to all what double player should do. They beat their young compatriot and won the double in style.

There were also Japanese players in the final. It was Maeda Miyuki-Suetsuna Satoko pair. Before that, in the semifinal, Hirose Eriko entertained the Japanese crowd with an awesome fight before going down to Wang Yi Hang from China.

DSC04274 Maeda Miyuki—kawaii…


It’s my brand new racket-and I’m going to use it for at least in 15 years to come!

ACRSABER10 is now MINE!!

The frame top, frame, joint, shaft, top and end gap and the grip are simply the best—>used by the most talented shuttlers in the world, Taufik Hidayat and Cikun jugak hahahaha

IMG_0817  ARCSABER 10-the coolest ever!!

On the left is my 1000-yen racket, a KAWASAKI 0T-030, while on the right is my ultimate weapon on the court, my 25,200-yen ARCSABER10(hehe but I got 25 percent off!!)

Here are the features for Acrsaber 10:

  • Level: Advance 
  • Type: Fast / Attacking / Offensive  usually I’m playing offensive.
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Head: Square/Isometric
  • Weight: 85-89gm(3U-) / 90-95gm(2U-) I chose 3U, better for accuracy on the court.
  • B.Pt: 7 (Even Balance)
  • ===============
  • Head: H.M. Graphite, CS Carbon Nanotube, Super HMG
  • Shaft: H.M. Graphite, Ultra PEF
  • Cover: Yonex Full Cover
  • String: Yonex Nano BG 98, strung at 22 lbs 22 lbs was perfect for me, as I want both the durableness and the power.

    I chose to buy 3U-G4 specs for my racket. 3U for the lightest weight and G4 grip for the biggest grip available(arcsaber only has G4-G5)

    But I plan to add more grip size by putting on some grip tape later:)

    Apparently the racket is still new in the market, where official launch was in March 2008. It’s newer version is Arcsaber Z-Slash.

    Yesterday I smashed the shuttlecocks for the first time using ARC10 and it feels really great!! It’s like I’ve turned into Taufik Hidayat!! hehe LOL.

    Playing along the real regulars from Malaysian embassy really level up my passion towards badminton. As a matter of fact, it’s been over one year I never play seriously. And maybe every Wednesday night, I’ll play(not play-play) badminton with them at Meguro-ku Chuo Gymnasium.


    ps: I LOVE IT!

    Tuesday, September 29, 2009


    I have a baby. The baby is a “she”. She is the most lovely and adorable person I’ve ever had.

    When she calls me “HONEY”, I’m soooo melted.

    When she smiles, I hope I can see the smiles till forever.

    When she cries, I wanna give her my shoulder to her to lay on.

    When she sulks, she’s winning the most comel girl among the babies.

    When she’s mad at me, I know she’s not actually mad, she’s just showing her love for me:)

    And here I’m proud to say this;

    To my sweetheart,























    Kepada my babygirl Zunita, semoga panjang umur dah dimurahkan rezeki ye sayang:)

    Saturday, September 26, 2009

    Friday, not fried-Day..

    It’s yesterday.

    My last semester’s result was out. Haha What could I say about my result, huh~~

    Well, overall is OK, but subject that I failed ghosted me for a minute. I failed my fav subject, which for me, is impossible. I really don’t get it why. I studied a lot for it, but HE knows maybe my efforts weren’t good enough:(

    I met with other Japanese friends as well. Averagely, they also failed 2, or 3 subjects. Seems like everyone agrees that last term was the tougest of all terms.

    And she’s the first one to know about my result. I told her( that I was sad) and she cheered me up. My mood now now swung. I have my smiles back now. Thanks baby, muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuahhhhh~~~

    Anys, there’s good chance for me to graduate in time if I continue to produce such results. It’s not superb, but should be no problem if I were to go back to Malaysia in March 2011. Hehe. 3 semesters to kill!!


    Friday, September 25, 2009


    Today is the 6th day of Eid-Fitr and as the days count, there will be less open houses and less kuih raya in the house. Well, as for me, my kuih raya is so sikit, so I ate all of  them even before the first day of Hari Raya!!haha:P

    OK, as usual, people in Malaysia kept asking me the same question.

    camne raya kat jepun?

    sure ko homesick nak balik kan?

    haha padan muke ko, tu lah belajar jauh2 lagi..hahaha..

    No matter how happy I am in here, celebrating Hari Raya with my friends at embassy, having jamuan makan malam raya, or any raya activities we did, there’s no way that can deny the fact that I was homesick. Raya in Malaysia is still the best!

    In Malaysia I enjoy meeting families and relatives, eating lemang, visiting friends bla bla bla. Waaaa..But, in Japan? Can I enjoy it like I do in tanahair? *Cry out loud in the heart.

    Actually, my mom cried a lot(of course because of missing me so badly). Mira, my sis told me that everytime my mom listens to lagu raya je, she definetely would cry like a baby..hehe:P Saaaayang mak!!!

    ME? I didn’t cry. But I feel so syahdu. sesyahdu-syahdunya. :((

    This year’s celebration was great. I enjoyed meeting friends at embassy, you know la kan, it’s hard for us to meet, and plus, lots of Malaysians came to embassy, Whether Malay, Chinese or Indian, talking and loughing..and also gossiping. ahakss..:P

    Some said that about 700 people came to embassy on the first raya, but then I heard some said 400 people. どっち?yang mana betul pon aku tak tahu. Anys, less people than the previous years, due to summer break which coincidentally overlaps with hari raya, and in Japan, we also had 5連休(5 consecutive days off work), starting from Sept 19th to 23th.

    The 5連休started from Saturday, followed by Sunday(both are weekends hols) and here the come, public holidays as below,

    21 Sept for 敬老の日-(keiro no hi)-Respect for the Aged day.

    22 Sept for 国民の休日(citizens holiday) (becomes public hol because the day falls between two other national holidays)

    23 Sept for 秋分の日-(shubun no hi)-Autumnal Equinox

    According to wiki, this 5連休 won’t happen again till 2015.(haha.won’t be in Japan that year).

    Ok, back to the celebration, there’s a fact that I wanna tell you guys.

    This year’s raya is the first time for me celebrating it with my girlfriend!

    I was lonely as hell before. Even I’m in Japan and she’s in Melbourne, my raya was superb and the best when she’s around me. hehe..Jauh di mata, tapi dekat di hati. :)

    The night before Hari Raya, we, Saitamaians had jamuan malam raya. We had takbir raya too. The jamuan was in held in Ridzal’s. All 埼大生 yang tinggal(kecuali Dilla) joined the jamuan. Ridzal, Apros, Razif, Iqbal, Edi, Cikun were the bujangs, plus we had 3 families(Peja’s, Abg Hazli’s, and Sinyu’s) and we had extra 4 guests from Yamagata led by Padil.

    The next day, Raya Pertama, we together went to embassy and me managed to solat sunat Hari Raya on time. Haha.Kalau dulu memang sengaja lambat sebab datang sebab nak makan je.:P

    Then, we had full stomochs at 3 open houses. Mr Redha’s, Mr Tarmizi’s and Pn Siti Zaharah’s. Many of us fall asleep terribly at Pn Siti Zaharah’s. Suckerss.

    Right after that, to kill the time for the day, we had some photo scenes in front of Tokyo Tower. Not so interesting, though.

    Well, I guess that brings the end of this post.


    ps: pix kat my facebook.:)

    Thursday, September 17, 2009

    Salam Perantauan from Saitama~



    Salam Aidilfitri 1430H ini diucapkan khas terutama kepada ibunda dan ayahandaku, abg reza, mira, nina, mirul dan juga azwin. Maafkan zaini kerana tak dapat nak pulang berhari raya tahun ni.

    Khas juga kepada sayangku Zunita Bte Ramli, sesungguhnya kehadiranmu pada raya kali ni amatku nantikan. InsyaAllah semoga raya tahun2 seterusnya kita dapat terus bersama meraikannya:)

    Salam lebaran juga ditujukan kepada Pn Zainab Bte Abdul Hamid serta keluarga.

    Akhir sekali, tidak dilupakan juga kepada semua umat muslim muslimah di luar sana, samada kenal or tak kenal aku, aku dengan ini mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin. Kalau aku ada kutuk2 ke, ejek2 ke, perli tak ingat dunia ke, or termakan biskut kesayangang korang ke, masa ni lah masa yang terbaik untuk korang maafkan aku.hehe:P

    ps: syahdunya bila dgr lagu raya~~isk3 :(


    Post kali ini amat panjang. Haha.


    Raya kali ini merupakan raya yang ke-2 aku di perantaun. Yang pertama masa aku first year. Masa 2年生(2nd year) pulak aku bernasib baik sebab dapat balik untuk beraya di tanah air. Secara jujur aku nak kata kat sini, beraya di Jepun amatlah bosan. Lagi bosan drpd tengok Senario. Tapi, aku bersyukur, aku berada di kawasan dekat dengan embassy, so, dapatlah berjumpa dgn ramai orang Malaysia kat embassy nanti.

    Aku takleh lupa kenangan ayam merah embassy. Amat-amat tak boleh belah. Ayam merah yang disangka sedap lagi berkhasiat tu menyebabkan hampir berpuluh-puluh manusia sakit perut, yang paling teruk kalau menyebabkan mencirit kat dalam 電車(train). Dayat sempai aku sempat tiba di rumah, manakala apun pulak sempat singgah di tandas awam. Haha. AKU? sebab perut aku bertarung habis-habisan menentang penjajah ayam tersebut, aku berjaya melambatkan proses penciritan.

    Mmmm. Hari ini 27 Ramadan, bermakna ada 3 hari lagi nak raya.

    Beraya di Malaysia bersama keluarga tercinta amat bermakna dan meriah bagi aku, even aku dah 22 tahun sekarang ni. Masa cenonet dulu, tiap kali raya aku mesti riang gembira sampai lupa nak makan nasi. Okeh, aku rasa aku nak senaraikan kenapa aku suka beraya di Malaysia;

    • Dapat kumpul dengan mak ayah, abang dan adik2 aku.
    • Jumpa cousin2 aku yang best.
    • Dapat makan lemang dengan mazola.
    • Dapat duit raya of course!!
    • Main mercun ni mase kecik je

    Dulu kalau beraya kat kampung, bila sampai je, benda first aku cari ialah aku nya cousin. Maisara, Khairol, Ila, Kak nique antara sepupu aku yang aku paling rapat. Tu semua belah ayah aku. Kalau belah mak aku pulak, aku rapat dgn makcik aku yang sebaya dgn aku. Aku ingat dulu kalau beraya kat olak lempit(kat Banting), memang dgn makcik aku tulah aku beraya. Berbuih gak la aku terangkan yang aku ni cucu nenek aku.

    fact#1 Kampung aku ada 2. satu di Kg. Sg Buaya, Rawang dan jugak Olak Lempit, Banting.

    Even semua dah besar2 pon, bila raya mesti kecoh jugak. Kalau semua sepupu aku kumpul, nescaya pengsan atok nenek aku. *Aku ada lebih 70 sepupu, aku antara yang paling besar. Aku pon memang tak dapek nak melayan semua sepupu aku yang kecik2.

    Aku ada 3 orang mak saudara aku yang suka cium dan peluk aku kalau jumpa. Yang peliknya, kat sepupu aku yang lain diorang tak buat camtu. Tapi, mak saudara aku tu start cium peluk aku masa raya 2 tahun lepas la. Senang kata, diorang rajin buat camtu sejak diorang hantar aku kat KLIA masa aku nak fly dulu. Memang aku rasa amat terharu. Amat2. Terasa aku ni macam anak buah feveret diorang!! Perasan mode ni!!lol:P

    Lagi satu, famili aku tak buat lemang. So, aku amat mengharap makcik aku yang dekat Sg. Buaya, tu yang buat dan bagi aku makan banyak2 lemang. Haha~

    Raya tahun ni aku macam biasa beraya kat embassy Malaysia kat Shibuya, Tokyo, lebih kurang 40 minit lebih kalau naik 電車 dari rumah aku. Raya kat embassy cam biasa la, solat sunat raya, pastu jamuan makan sambil beramah mesra. Kalau artis mana2 datang ke takpela jugak hehe. Sembang punya sembang, bila matahri dah naik tinggi melangit, mulalah masing2 siap2 nak balik rumah masing2. Aku dari Saitama ni kira ok jugak la. Dekat jugak la dengan embassy. Kalau yang naik train 2 jam lebeh camtu, tak ke payah nak datang tu. Mmm lepas tengahari tu biasanya budak2 ni merayau2 di Tokyo, pastu barulah balik rumah(Kalau hari raya jatuh pada hari cuti). Aha, ada jugak jamuan hari raya dekat naka-meguro, tempat kediaman staff kedutaan. Yang ni pon mendapat sambutan terhangat drpd students kat sini.

    Hehe Raya kali ni jugak aku ada baju raya, khas berwarna coklat, warna yang sama dengan si dia.*ehem2. Ni  first time aku rasa sangat2 tak sabar nak pakai baju raya masa raya first tau.

    Raya tahun ni di Saitama dijangkakan tak lah semeriah tahun-tahun lepas. Tahun lepas paling suram sebab time tu embassy tutup sebab ada renovation. Nasib baik aku balik raya kat Msia masa tu.

    Umat Melayu kat Saitama pada raya tahun ini pulak jatuh turun mendadak, disebabkan raya jatuh pada summer break selama 2 bulan, so, kurang orang, kuranglah meriahnye kan. maka amatlah tak heran kalau aku cakap tahun ni raya macam tak raya. sob2 :(

    Walau camna pon, dah nama pon raya kan, so kenelah do something untuk buat raya tahun ni meriah sikit. Tahun ni jugak raya first aku beraya di alam maya bersama si dia*ahaksss. Raya bersama orang tercinta sememangnya amat aku nanti-nantikan sejak azali aku mengenal erti cinta (kepada manusia) lagi. Thanks a lot sayang!:)

    Camna pon, aku bersyukur ke hadrat Ilahi kerana aku still dapat beraya, walaupon raya di perantaun je.


    Could Mr Myself please stand up~~

    This is gonna be some asshole ramblings of mine. Once you read it, don’t regret. If you’re not up to this, don’t read it. Simple as ABC.


    I’m not as proactive as before. I mean, not exactly I mean it. It’s just I feel like one. I remember the old myself, back in SDAR, or back in AAJ, I felt very confident in whatever I did. I examined, I drew the best plans I had, and finally had them executed. I even had reliable back up plans sometimes. In easier words, I got things under control.

    I know it’s useless if I always look back at what I’d achieved in past few years, unless I take them as my booster to move forward. At times I get jealous when I see my friends are so fired up when they do their work.

    I’ve been messing up with myself lately. My body clock was screwed up, Nights become day, so as vice versa. My Ramadan fasting ain’t good enough to compare with others. My eyes turns more blurred. They don’t get enough rest. They feel like been betrayed by their owner.


    “Get started by starting”, it’s a saying that I once read somewhere.

    And why in the hell I’ve turned to be so unproductive so suddenly. My execution rate’s been slumping. Eventually, I ended up nothing, or half-finished. 中途ハンパ or hangat-hangat tahi ayam. Well, of course I regret it . because I think I could have done better.


    This time about MSAJ thing. If Ben, or Boon, or anyone in the committee read this, I wanna say thanks a lot for everything. When I was appointed as one of the AJKs, I was not motivated, because I actually didn’t feel like want to be one. But, I tried to get my act together for it, grasping some pieces of guts and motivations, and I was certain that I could do well.

    Still, things got complicated, I felt like I wasn’t one of them. My motivation decreases in time. So as now, though. But I do feel I am the bad person here. I must do my works. They’re  my responsibility. I need to start my engine, shifting up and never turn back.


    Here I make a list of what I wanna do during summer break. Yeah, as hell as it could be, not even half of them I managed to accomplish.

    • Working inside my computer.
    • Playing Football Manager 2009.
    • Doing some programming.
    • Studying JLPT.

    Huh, I guess that should be enough ramblings from me.

    Before I end the call, I have some goodies for myself. Roll~~

    Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

    ps: I wanna thank her for always accompanying me, and for always cheering me up. You’re always be the reason for my happiness and my motivation. You’re the best girlfriend ever. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, baby:)

    pss: and good luck with your mid-sem. I always pray for you.

    Tuesday, September 15, 2009

    The confusion.

    That time was in the afternoon, where my friend and I did the discussion for the project. As I realized I havent perform my Zuhur prayer yet, I opened the window in my mac, where it showed the prayer times in Melbourne. My friend (he is a Christian) saw the prayer times, and he felt weird why Muslims pray a lot, 5 times a day.

    My friend: Why Muslims pray a lot? Why is it 5 times a day?

    I smiled, coz as far as I remember, he was not the first person asking me such question.

    Me: How many times do you eat per day? Do you eat once?twice? or you don't eat at all?

    He looked puzzled.

    My friend: Of course I eat at least 3times a day. Why you ask me that question?

    Me: See, you need to eat more than once a day. You cannot not eating at all, though u are fasting but still, u need to break ur fast when the time is allowed, right?

    He looked even more puzzled.

    Me: This is the same like praying. Pray is like a food for ur soul. If u dont pray, ur soul feels hungry. but if u got enough pray, ur soul is healthy. 5 times indicates 5 meals a day, subuh for bfast, zuhur for lunch, asr for tea, maghrib for dinner and isya' for supper.

    He tried to argue.

    My friend: but what if i dont eat 5 times a day? is that mean I can pray 3 times a day only?

    Me: nah, 5 times a day is the best for ur soul. God knows better. That's why He asked to pray 5 times, not 3times. Like if u can get full meals, 5times a day, of course u never feel hungry, ur body feel healthy and good,right?

    My friend: Yeah, but I wonder, why I eat 3 times a day?

    He keep questioning that to himself. And I leave him with that answer:)

    Only God knows better.


    Monday, September 14, 2009


    I’ve just watched Saladin The Animated Series. It’s one of the most advanced animations produced by Malaysian. Hehe. Really worth watch it.


    ps: Watching the series, it makes me wanna play with sword, like the bleach.

    Saturday, September 12, 2009

    Simply the best-22

    At the age of 22, I was wondering if I have colored my life with the right pattern. To know what pattern I’m looking for, I need some look-backs, some low-egos, some honest reflections on myself and some constructive evaluations that can make amends in my life.

    Now, it’s been 22 years since my first breath. And today is day 22 of Ramadan 1430H.

    Am I satisfied with my life now? or I have to do some overhauls? err..Why now?

    Well, I’ve seen my friends change for good during Ramadan, and hopefully they will constantly keep up the changes till their last journey in this world:)

    Back then, I once tried to change my life patterns. I remember one time during my hellish Japanese preparation at AAJ, UM, I wanted to keep my mouth shut, unless I really need to speak. I thought I would feel good about my change, but it turned out that it was like killing myself, because it wasn’t the true me. From that time perhaps, I noticed in myself that, my attitude and how I think will be always flat in time. In other words, I hardly change the way I live my life, either to good or to bad.

    But, I know I am nowhere near alim, The maximum number of page I can read Al-Quran there few years are 3 pages, which is bad number. During Ramadan, I’m not regular in tarawikh sessions. But, I do have some intentions to be like one.


    Ok lah till now. Terasa cam membebel pulak.

    A week to go before Hari Raya.

    ps: sick,  I still need to post about my Hiroshima Trip.

    Tuesday, September 8, 2009


     伝えたくて 伝わらなくて
    I wanted to tell you, but I couldn't
    Occasionally, before I became meek
    The us that passed the season of crying
    Now are really shining
    Each of the forms of happiness we'd painted are overlapping
    Now they've become a big love
    Let's go on living together, always

    百年先も 愛を誓うよ
    信じている ただ信じている
    Even if it were a hundred years past, I swear my love
    You are my everything
    I believe, I just believe
    In the person with whom I carve out a common time

    どんな君も どんな僕でも
    No matter what you're like, or even what I'm like
    It's all lovely
    With you around I don't need anything
    Because we'll surely be happy

    かけがえのない 出会いは
    思い出 重なり合う
    始まりの歌 鳴り響いて
    I waited for you in the rain
    Without even knowing the meaning of kindness
    The wounded night where we passed each other by
    Even then, we've come this far
    Our irreplaceable meeting
    I connect it with a miracle
    Our memories overlap
    The song from our beginning reverberates

    どんな時も 支えてくれた
    心込めて ただ一つだけ
    To the friends that have supported us no matter when
    And laughed and cried with us
    I put just one thing into my heart
    The words I send are "thank you"


    百年先も 愛を誓うよ
    愛している ただ愛している
    Even if it were a hundred years past, I swear my love
    You are my everything
    I love you, I just love you
    Let's make a vow on the same tomorrow

    君といれば どんな未来も
    Just one person in the entire world
    I've chosen you
    Because if I'm with you, no matter what the future is like
    It'll be shining always

    ラララ 〜
    La la la ~
    La la la ~


    ps: That’s Arashi-One Love.

    Saturday, September 5, 2009

    Random Reminder#1


    -When you say it, you do it.

    -When you make promises, fulfill them.


    ps: because I really need to “repair” myself.

    Thursday, September 3, 2009

    Journey To The West~Day 1st

    At first, I didn’t plan to go outside Kantou during this year summer break, but as my boredom kept me uneasy at home, I decided to go down, or west Japan to entertain myself. With Ilhami, a friend of mine from TiTech, we went for a journey to Hiroshima, mainly to visit our friend there, Sidek.

    Actually I don’t want to write about the trip in so many details. So, I won’t write about how many train we stop, or at what time we transit. Just a brief story will do, I guess. Haha I think because I don’t remember much details, so please don’t mind if I skip them.

    me with Ilhami(right) Ilhami and I had a fantastic journey for a week, from 24th August 2009 till 30th August 2009. We used Seishun 18 Kippu, which we found the cheapest way to travel long miles. Its price is 11,500¥. We started from Minamiyono Station here in Saitama not very early in the morning, around 1100 am, and for the first day, we stayed at Hatta’s in Kobe. Thanks Hatta!!

    As we expected, the journey really is so tiring, with me and Ilhami always fell asleep in the train. We stopped at many stations, and we tried to keep ourselves busy in the train by reading books, or playing facebook and bla bla.( It explains why my iPhone ran out of battery so fast!! hehe)

    ini kaki aku..hahaha

    From Minamiyono Eki, we headed to Tokyo first. Then, Ilhami went back to his house to pick up his alien card. We had limited time at Atami and Nagoya. At Atami, I had my legs warmed by the onsen there, which is right in front of the Atami Station(熱海駅).

    There is also 商店街 there, which I spent nothing. I planned to buy something to my girl friend there, but I found nothing interesting:( She will get better from other places;) At Atami Eki, there was something so funny. We were already inside the 電車(train), and the door was about to close, and near the door, there were a family, mom, nanny and 2 little kids, boy and girl. The interesting part was the girl cried out loud because her younger bro was still outside the train. Perhaps she was afraid the bro would be missing the train. What a scene!!:) I liked the girl, really!! カワイイイイ!!So cute!!

    Atami Station

    From Atami, we passed Shin-Fuji, Shizuoka, Kakegawa, Hamamatsu and then Toyohashi. We transit for a while at Toyohashi, and then continued our journey to Nagoya, where we had our “iftar” there.

    Oh by the way, from Yokohama we just used Tokaido line. And I never thought Tokaido line is so long and covers most of the places en route to Kansai.

    At Nagoya

    Because we’re a bit too relaxed, we reached Maibara a bit late. We broke our 3rd day of fasting at Nagoya, in front of convenience store, which I felt like PATI( illegal foreigners). We sit and we ate very simple meals. I ate pringles with milk tea, while Ilhami had Udon and his milk tea too.

    hankyu line.

    From Nagoya, still with Tokaido line, we moved west to Kobe, where our final destination for the day was 三宮(sannomiya), 2 stations before Kobe. There, we would met Hatta. Thanks a lot to Hatta for his generosity to provide our accommodation for a night.

    I admit, along the way, I was missing her so much. I YMed her a lot via my hp, sms her a lot and we talked on the phone. I enjoyed the first day, but it would be better if she went with me;(


    To be Continued…

    Tuesday, September 1, 2009

    What else~

    Actually I planned to update my blog earlier, yeah mainly about my journey to the west Japan, but once I arrived at home, the laziness of myself had really taken over me.

    So, for the time being, I wanna write about something else.

    Yesterday there were two significant anniversaries in my life. One is for the 25th year anniversary of my parents’ marriage, and the second, is the 52th anniversary of Malaysian Independence day. Good number, huh.

    I called up my mom, wishing her and my dad for the anniversary. My mom was so happy. Very. So was my dad. But for Malaysia, no matter how loud I scream “Merdeka!!”, I feel my Malaysian spirit does not tone up as it should. 1Malaysia by Najib is totally ridiculous! cakap tak serupa bikin!

    OK, enough for that.

    Next time, I’m gonna write about my journey, though it won’t be so detailed. What I saw, felt and the most important thing, what changes me into being better man.

    And thanks so much for my honey, for being so understanding during my whole period of traveling:) thank you sayang:)

    Well said, I’m off for today.


    ps: hope it’s still not late for me to wish Salam Ramadan to all muslim and muslimah.

    Monday, August 24, 2009

    A letter for u:)

    24th August 2009,

    Dear my beloved sweetheart,

    I believe the time I write this letter, u were still in the train, on the way to Hiroshima. I hope your journey going well, nothing bad happened to you, and please please please do take care of yourself, okay? Don't make me feel worry about you, and please inform me if anything happens, okay?:)

    This week would be the though week for me, and I believe for u too. I just hoping u can enjoy urself there, and remember our deal, 200++ pics or otherwise u gonna miss the bonus!:D i've told sidek to take care of u, and masak sedap2 mee bandung for u, if he doesnt, tell me eh? err..but I dunno what can I do even if u told me

    Oh yes, before I forgot, dont forget to fast,okay? jgn ngelat2 eh pose..musafir xmusafir,pose is pose:P Hope u get proper food for ur sahur and iftar as well, dear:) Last but not least, I hope u enjoy ur trip there and dont forget to take pics too!cant wait to see them!:D:D:D

    ..and it because I miss u so much..:(

    lovesssss from downunder,
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