Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Wish u all

merry NEW YEAR!!

Too many things.countless sadness and happiness.
Too many events.can't remember it all.
Too many challenges.which made me stronger.
Sayonara 2008.

Here it comes 2009.
IN IT, i can see more challenges coming.
i can smile happiness.more than sadness, hopefully.
i can sense a new way of thinking.which guides me facing this cruel life.
i can see me struggle.of course in my damn studies.

Good resolutions are simply not enough.
without ample determination, i might see me deviating from my original paths.
and that's where family and friends come into play.
come to correct me, guide me.
and there's no more grateful better than that.

So, to all Saidai members, the ones who are nearest to me,
let's guide each other.
and don't forget to slap me if u should.

to all friends in japan,
YM me if i do something terrible.Buzz me.

to all friends in Malaysia,
you surely don't wanna study here. Bloody sucks!!
So how lucky you are!

let's work hard in whatever you do.

to emak n ayah,
watch me graduate within 4 years.doakan zaini k!!

to my siblings,
i know u all proud of me. let's change this family!!
u all too can do it!!

to everyone who knows me,
let's wish for merrier, more prosperous year of 2009.

ps: very colourful, huh.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my malay thinking

Hi again Minna-san yo!!:D

i am lazy.admit it.
i am damn lazy.please admit it.
i am bloody lazy.YES.pemalas!!

i want to's OK.
i want to relax all day.only during break,that is.

it's killing me.really.
it kills my friendship.
it kills my study.
it kills my ambition.
and eventually, it kills my future.

wahai cikun yang damn teruk,

janganlah malas.
janganlah relax sangat.
janganlah suka bertangguh.

ikhlas daripada,
hati cikun yang baik

ps: what about new year resolution?

Monday, December 29, 2008

i know it!!

Hi Minna-san yo!!

Lately, stuffs around here had been on my side. Of course i could not be happier than that, but at the same time, i'm afraid of the future, afraid of being lonely again.

i was just back from Nagano two days ago, with memories that never be forgotten.
so glad i met new friends. they are more open-minded than i'd personally thought of.
Thanks a bunch JAD fella!!


i can't run away from reality that i face here.

In my pocket, i have no savings at all.opss..not at all.barely i should say.

Money to post to my parents.
Money to save to buy a car, which i am not sure to buy or not.
Money to save for the future, perhaps for my wedding.(hehe now i am available).
Money to have a road trip to Osaka(which still in blueprint).
Money to go to Korea.

Actually, i am quite greedy.
i want this, i want that.
Nak itu, nak ini.

i am nobody.
still incapable to do many things.
still learning to be better sole.
still lacking of knowledge.

if i were Doraemon, i certainly have had gone to the past.
correcting whatever mistakes i made.

Certainly it's very true that 'Time is Gold'.

"Demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia itu sentiasa dalam kerugian.
kecuali orang yang beriman dan mengerjakan amalan kebajikan serta saling menasihati untuk kebenaran dan saling menasihati untuk kesabaran"
Surah Al-'Ashr.

Since i am not doing baito(part time) during this winter break, hopefully i might do something that benefit me, either finish my reading( A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking, and Ungu Karmila by Ramlee Awang Murshid) or doing some programmings.

Or watching everything that i've downloading.which is probably hard to finish, considering that i have hundreds Giga's to watch.

Or blog-hopping, which is currently my no 1 hobby.

Or visiting my friends around Tokyo, which is i should do.

Or going for another snowboarding, which sucks Yens from my pocket.

Well, thanks again for everyone that makes my happier day by day.

Till then,

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hi Minna-san yo!!


Since this is my first entry for this blog, i might as well do the hello world thing.


Nothing to say, just want to introduce myself and this blog.

Till then,
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